Aries Full Moon, Saturday Sept. 29th

Full Moon by ava verino

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This year's Harvest Full Moon occurs this coming Saturday, September 29th at 10:19pm central time. In astrology the full moon represents a time when the light of our awareness (the Sun) is made to shine on our deeper emotional and psychic energies (the Moon). If we have been avoiding our life issues then they really come up in our face at this time, our emotional garbage spilled out for us and all around us to see. This is why each full moon is such a crazy time for many (the word "lunacy" derives from the word "lunar"). However, if we have been doing our work, paying attention to the details in our lives that need tending, then the full moon brings us the joys and rewards of work well done as we see the fruits of our faithful labors.

Now take this concept of getting a face full of the results of how we live our life, multiply it by 1,000, and you have this weekend's full moon. Why? Because this moon is doing a dance with Uranus, the bringer of sudden change, and Pluto, the bringer of death and renewal. This will most certainly be a weekend where you will want to set intentions, get plenty of rest, pay attention to your surroundings, and most of all stay grounded.

The full moon occurs at a precise conjunction with Uranus at 6 degrees Aries. Already emotions are heated and fast moving, requiring us to be present with the instability of the energy. Add into the picture the 90 degree angle, or square, to Pluto in Capricorn and you have the potential for deeply held emotional issues to explode onto the scene. One more major symbol is that the Sun in Libra will also be at square aspect to Pluto as well as opposing (180 degrees) the Moon/Uranus conjunction in Aries. All of that spells an immense amount of tension, which will test our ability to stay focused and ride the wave.

Imagine you're on a fast moving sailboat, racing to outrun an incoming squall. The wind speeds are building, the waves are rising and behind you looms a line of ominous thunderclouds, chasing you like a pissed off thunder god seeking to collect his vengeance. You know that the worst thing you can do is panic, yet your heart races and your hands shake. Still, you hold your focus, your full attention on the shore that is painfully slow to arrive, involuntarily commanding the boat to move faster, like a repeating survival mantra. You see the harbor and head straight for it, but just before you get there a huge wave capsizes you and you're thrown deep underwater. Somehow, miraculously, you survive, and someone with a life preserve and some rope helps haul you onto dry land. You stand up, you check your limbs and head — you're okay. Suddenly a surge of gratitude rises up in you with an intense primal joy at being alive. With all your life force you howl at the thunderclouds, bear hug the man who pulled you to safety and begin to laugh uncontrollably at the absurd beauty of it all.

Welcome to the potential of this upcoming Aries full moon. Keep your intentions focused and your mind sharp. Even if the storms of emotions, yours or others, threaten to take you down, even if you're shaking with anxious intensity, even if you fall momentarily into darkness, keep your eye on the harbor of stability. Let what needs to explode explode, guide the energy as best you can into the Earth, grounding all the volatile electricity around you. It is just as certain that by maintaining your strength, focus and connection you will not only survive, you will gain a powerful validation of your existence that goes way beyond your beliefs, mental reasonings or attachments. Life is to be lived, and this full moon reminds us that the fire of life can never, will never, be extinguished, no matter how fearful we might be of truly living.

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2 Responses to Aries Full Moon, Saturday Sept. 29th

  1. Bruce Gould says:

    I keep getting these announcements so I guess Spirit wants me to comment.

    “In astrology the full moon represents a time when the light of our awareness (the Sun) is made to shine on our deeper emotional and psychic energies (the Moon).”

    As I read this, I wonder to myself: why would anyone want to hand over their freedom to some set of ideas? The truth is that we each create our own reality, and the full moon means…absolutely whatever you want it to mean. If you’d like it to mean that it’s a time when ‘the light of our awareness shines on our deeper energies’ that’s fine, but you could decide that it means you need to wear polka-dot pajamas…or it could mean whatever you want. The truth is that it’s ALL up to you.

    Freedom is pretty frightening, eh?

    • Aries says:

      Thanks for exemplifying my article, Bruce. I hope it hasn’t created too much contention for you, but of course you are free to ignore it and choose whatever story works for you. Full moon polka-dot pajamas sounds like a great idea.

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