Scorpio Solar Eclipse — Plant Your Seeds

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

A total solar eclipse is happening Tuesday November 13th at 4:09 PM Central Time (10:09PM GMT). This is a rather powerful eclipse since it is a so called Supermoon (the moon is closest to the Earth in its orbital cycle, called perigee-syzygy) and is occurring in the sign of transformation, power, death and ultimate desire — Scorpio.

There are powerful rituals we can engage with to make the most of this transit. First we'll look at the various planets now working their way through Scorpio, then explore how we can best utilize this energy for connection and growth.

There are many players rocking this rebirth party — Moon, Sun, Saturn, North Node and soon the return of Mercury, who is now in retrograde. Let's take a quick look at each player:

Moon/Sun — When the Sun is eclipsed, always on a New Moon, its energy is blocked, which frees up the space to release parts of ourselves or aspects of our lives that aren't serving us. But release in this case is not about "breathing out the bad," it is a conscious process of compressing the energy of that which isn't serving and grounding it deep into the Earth for recycling and return in a higher form. When we have a New Moon/Eclipse in Scorpio, we are shown the darkness within ourselves, the deep subconscious emotional patterns that can create fear, depression, rage and disconnection. These deep emotional patterns are shown to us to allow us to bring them to the light of our awareness and transform them into strength and wisdom.

Allies in your life's quest abound. We are all on a turbulent warrior's journey towards personal and collective fulfillment, none of us is alone unless we choose to be.

Saturn — As I explored in my article on Saturn in Scorpio, we are going through the necessary intensity to clear the karmic baggage of our past, compressing and releasing any old forms of consciousness that hold us back from our life's purpose. This is also the time that the Pluto in Scorpio generation (those now entering their late 20s to mid 30s) are beginning to rise to the roles they are destined to take on as agents for world transformation.

Mercury — On November 6th, election day, Mercury stopped cold, then as the election results came in he began his journey backwards through the sky. He had just left Scorpio, was in the early degrees of Sagittarius, and is now returning to Scorpio, giving us another look at how well we communicate our needs and how our thoughts betray us. You may find various communication breakdowns happening these days, and it's important to watch your thoughts and words for clues as to where you are deceiving yourself and others for manipulative purposes. Are you clear in speaking the truth? Are you asking honestly for what you need? Where are you honoring the needs of others and where might you be obsessing over your own?

North Node — Our collective destiny is going through transformation as we each work on our individual growth. This is a great time to bond with others in ceremony or simply share in the growth process. Take the time to become aware of the struggles and triumphs of your tribe and you will find that your problems are not so unique, and that allies in your life's quest abound. We are all on a turbulent warrior's journey towards personal and collective fulfillment, none of us is alone unless we choose to be.

Put all these planetary forces together and you have one heck of a serving of ass kicking, truth telling, get off your ass and do your work no-bullshit karmic bitch slap. To the degree that you embrace the change and ride the wave, you will find yourself transformed into greater strength and power. Resist the change and you will be overcome by forces far more powerful than yourself. This is a take-no-prisoners shift, you either evolve or die.

But none of that is so dire that it means we have to suffer so much fear and doubt (unless, again, we choose to). While Scorpio represents the process of being taken through the core of the Earth to have all of our old forms crushed and made new, we have a helpful ally in the process — Scorpio's opposite, Taurus. Take the time to nurture yourself, create as comfortable of an environment for yourself so you can weather the changes with greater stability. Let go of what needs letting go, surrender to the greater forces that are working to remake you in a higher image, and while doing so let it be okay to listen to the music that soothes your mind, sip the tea that warms your heart, feel the lover that anchors your soul, and most importantly remember to breathe. Breathe deeply and often.

This eclipse is the best opportunity we have to plant our seeds of intention for the future we want to see. As the old energy is being compressed within you and transformed in the fusion reactor of your core, it is a wonderful opportunity to set intentions of healing for yourself, your family, community and world. During the eclipse, sit comfortably and breathe deep. Go in to meditation and imagine what you want to see manifest for your future and the future of your world. Bring that vision into yourself and take it deep in the core of your belly, compressing it until it is a bright ball, or seed, of pure light. Then take that seed to the core of the Earth, offer it to the Divine Mother and ask that you be led to the most divine manifestation of that vision. After you have released your vision as pure light to the Mother, listen to and receive any vision or guidance that comes to you, and when you are ready, return to your body, to your chair, and gently bring yourself back to waking consciousness.

Now that you have planted your seed, stay aware of signs and synchronicities that will guide you towards your vision. Don't try to force or control the process. It may take a couple of years for the fruition to occur, so for now tend to your intentions like you would tend a garden. Nurture those seeds as they germinate and, in time, bear beautiful, strong, hearty fruit. Allow the germination to happen naturally, allow your vision and intention to change as it grows. Remember, you too are a budding seed planted by the most high divine love, maintain your faith as you are nurtured to fuller blossom.

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