The Herald’s Quill is now Soulrise Astrology

UPDATE: As a result of my changing the domain I've lost all my Facebook Likes. So — if ya like somethin', please show it!

I'm very pleased to announce the new name for my astrology practice: Soulrise Astrology. This encompasses all of my work as an astrologer — reader, writer and blogger. The idea is to combine Soul — the essence of who we are and our core evolutionary desires — with Rise — the empowerment and individuation of the Soul, the endpoint that my astrology practice is reaching for.

The Herald's Quill has thus been changed to Soulrise Astrology. All the old links to still work, but are redirected to have a peek at this website.

Soon the web site will be redesigned with a new logo and various new content. I hope you'll stay tuned for more as my practice grows!

May you dance joyfully with the stars,
-Brian (aka Aries)

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