Happy New Year 2013!

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Saturn's North Pole Vortex

Welcome to 2013! The Aquarian Age has officially begun (or so we can collectively decide). Last night while at a New Year's Eve celebration a friend was telling me about a realization he had just had, that by becoming an objective witness to his mind without attachment to the images, feelings and judgments that arose, he could see the contents of his mind more clearly, watch them shift, and find himself abiding in clarity and peace. He could speak truth more directly from his heart. As I told him, that is a beautiful illustration of the essence of Aquarius — to take a detached view of ourselves and our life experience without identifying with the pain, the joy, the triumphs or struggles. To witness life as it is and discover that the truth we've been seeking has always been right there within us.

Or, to quote Rumi:

I have lived on the lip of insanity,
wanting to know reasons,
knocking on a door.

It opens. I've been knocking
from the inside.

In modern astrology, the sign of Aquarius is said to be co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. It brings together the energies of youthful vitality and change with sage wisdom, order and structure. Lately NASA has been taking some gorgeous photos of Saturn — the planet of time, limitation, old age, our binding to the physical. Turns out this traditionally stoic and conservative planet holds hidden treasures of wondrous beauty. These pictures of Saturn remind us that our limitations and tests refine us to the point that we can determine our beauty for ourselves without needing others to validate us. True beauty lies within, forged in the fires of our trials, and once we've earned our wisdom we can, like Saturn, wink at life with a puzzling smile, knowing our strength can never be doubted.

From afar, standing in our wisdom can seem dull, drab, even grim. But when the time comes that others have evolved to the point where they can send "spacecraft" to our furthest reaches, they will discover in right time the joyful beauty we always were.

Full gallery here:

May 2013 bring you joyous growth and personal discovery that will propel your wisdom into the new age.

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