Virgo Full Moon 2013

Full Moon over Church

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From the ranks of clergy arrayed within a sacred temple emerges the bishop, a solemn man with little of humor about him, to address a young forlorn woman kneeling in supplication before the congregation. He approaches her, then asks her to speak of her troubles.

"Oh Your Grace, I am fettered by an incessant despair in the world," the woman replies, adorned with crestfallen beauty. "There is so much suffering! How can God allow the world to come to such a dreadful state?" She gazes up at the bishop with eyes longing for answers to comfort her.

The bishop smiles gently and replies in a soft, kindly voice: "My child, it is not for us to question God's plans for us. We must surrender our insignificant personal desires to His will. It is the only way to find peace."

The woman nods, thinking she understands, and with tears welling she confesses her imperfections. "How will I ever be good enough? Your Grace, will you help me?"

The bishop takes in a slow breath and says: "Of course, dear child. You are safe here, no distractions of the world can touch you. But do be wary, for the devil can appear any time you let your guard down, even for a moment. Follow me and the strict rules of our order, and you will find God's love."

Just then, behind the dark hood of one of the clergy, a pair of impish eyes sparkle, and just barely visible in the dim light a devilish smile could be seen, if anyone were looking. Against all sacred dictates the rogue clergyman steps forward, swiftly reveals his face from beneath his hood, and in a commanding voice as one who knows no authority but his own, he speaks.

"Do away with this comic display of false piousness and self indulgent despair!" His eyes turn to the young woman. "Dear love, you are a child of passion! You are here to live, to play, to be active in the world! Do not let yourself fall into hopelessness in the world's pain when God has bestowed you with the ability to do something about it!"

The bishop, taken aback by this unprecedented display of impudence, raises a shaking finger at the man as his eyes widen: "Thou art evil! Thou art the devil!"

The man turns swiftly to face the bishop. "I am no more the devil than you are God! I will no longer suffer your foolish pontifical pride." He turns back to the woman and extends his hand. "Come with me! We will dance our way to union with God as we embrace all there is in the world to experience and adore!"

Completely muted, the bishop takes a step back, his mind reeling at this sudden turn of events. The woman, feeling lifted from her despair, looks at the unhooded man with excited curiosity. The man's eyes dance with light as he beckons her again. Her mind now made up, the woman smiles with the thrill of new adventure and firmly takes his hand.

As she stands she feels the Earth shift beneath her feet. The ground and walls shake as the clergy and bishop retreat into the dark recesses of the temple. She begins to wonder if leaving the sanctity of her temple is so wise after all. For the first time, but not the last, she notices a look of unguarded uncertainty on the face of the unhooded man. He musters a confident smile and ushers her to the door. As she follows him out of the temple and onto the road, she looks back — the door remains open.

What place does spirituality have in your life? Where do you feel pulled by the activities of the world and the promise of new adventure and where do you feel the need to withdraw and reconnect to something quiet and sacred? Are your activities in alignment with your sacred work or are you just busy without any real cause or focus, overstretched and under-resourced? Are you honoring the spirit in you during quiet moments of connection or lazily falling into addiction or hopelessness? These are the questions and themes of this month's Virgo Full Moon, which occurs on Monday February 25th at 2:26PM CST.

Use your intuition and vision to sift through the activities that are presenting themselves. The projects we take on now are the projects that will lead us towards fulfilling our souls' missions post-2012.

Life cannot proceed or thrive without time spent in spiritual connection. Whether in prayer and meditation, in practice of art or music or in simple solitude with Nature, we all must take time to disconnect from the world in order to connect to ourselves and to that which transcends what we are. We must reunify our energies with the creative Source from time to time, otherwise we become so riddled with anxiety that we seek escape through drugs, television, too much work. Our desire to escape our pain turns to obsessiveness about the world's pain and the futility of trying. But, like fear, the only futility is futility itself.

Likewise, life is utterly ineffectual and aimless if we do not get up and make ourselves active in the world. Once we have rejuvenated our energies through spiritual connection we must take that energy out into the world, taking on projects and bold adventures that reflect our truest forms of service.

This Virgo Full Moon is at a place in the zodiac that is directly opposing Venus (in Aquarius), Neptune, Sun and Chiron in Pisces. The basic message here is that we are being given an opportunity to see how our our actions align with our spiritual calling. If we're unsure, we can receive visions from Spirit, if we but take the time to tune in and listen. The Moon in Virgo can produce a feeling of imperfection, of needing to purify oneself of emotional baggage and find our right place of service to others. This is simply because we are in fact imperfect, there is always more room to grow and always more we can do to serve. But it is not helpful to degrade into critical perfectionism and blame, or sacrificing ourselves for the sake of martyrdom, for that raises the dark ghost of futility. What Virgo is in fact trying to teach us is that there is a path of service for everyone, a gift we each have to bring to the world that brings us joyful satisfaction and fulfillment when we are fully engaged in it. With a Full Moon in this sign, we are being given a chance to look into how close we are to living that path.

The Pisces planets give us an irresistible pull towards connecting with Spirit as we withdraw from the world. We want to surrender to something bigger than ourselves, to "let go and let God." But balancing Virgo and Pisces is about balancing that surrender with action. When we can surrender to action, and take action in surrender, then we have mastered this polarity. We find our true path of service, our "place just right" as the Shaker hymn goes, and our acceptance of the world springs from our fulfillment in doing the work we were born to do.

But there is a cunning rogue seeking to yank us out of this peace and tranquility of humble sacred service. It is the trickster and contrarian Jupiter in Gemini, our adventurous clergyman spitting in the face of piety, always pushing us to take a new point of view. Just when we think we've got the balance figured out, Jupiter drops some opportunity in our lap that throws us off balance again. Oh boy! Another project! Oh wait I just decided I was already in balance; oh it'll be fine, one more project won't upset things too much. Hey look! Another project!

There is tension between the action we are being asked to take in the world and our need to disconnect from it. This is an important time to look within yourself and ask: what really matters to me? There are an abundance of opportunities to get involved, but which projects really fit my path? Where is Spirit really calling me to go? Pray for the guidance, listen carefully, and it will come.

Use your intuition and vision to sift through the activities that are presenting themselves. You are the authority in deciding what you will take on. Make good choices! The projects we take on now are the projects that will lead us towards fulfilling our souls' missions post-2012.

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