Aries New Moon, April 10th 2013

Arizona Mountains

Mountains of Arizona, 2007

You've had a very long night. What started as a pleasant hike up a gently sloped mountain has turned into a disaster. The calm, inviting weather that piqued your spirits at the beginning of your trek suddenly turned into a torrential storm halfway up the slope. Chirping robins and lyrical cardinals gave way to braying crows and the wild creaking of trees bending in fierce winds. Your ears still ring with the sound of lightning that struck a large fir, sending it crashing behind you, blocking your way back down. Lying prone without shelter, you have no choice but to continue forward, inch by inch, hoping you will at last find a shallow cave or small hovel that will protect you until the storm passes.

With no such luck in sight, wet and chilled to the bone, you feel yourself tested to your limits. Desperately clambering up the mountain with your fear reaching its peak, you suddenly have an epiphany — life is for nothing else than to be lived! All pretense and pride is burned away in the fire of desire to live. You swear to God that if you can just make it through this, you will change everything.

The storm finally begins to let up. You huddle under a natural hovel as exhaustion takes over and you fall deeply asleep. No dreams, just the timeless slumber of total surrender of consciousness.

You awaken to the morning song of the robins that swayed you the day before. Now you hear the birdsong in a completely new way, as if the song itself is alive, given birth by little gods able to create life with a mere vocalization. You slowly move out of the hovel and stand. You're still wet but the air is warm as daylight emerges. You turn up the slope and realize you're almost at the peak. A few yards' stride and you are able to look down the other side. And there you see it — the emerging sunrise in the distance, washing the landscape in rich color. The sun rises with the dawning of your own realization — you're alive! You let out a primal triumphant cheer, feeling exalted for your journey. You survived trial after trial and for this moment can bask in the glow. Your gratitude and gladness for life generates an uncontrollable smile of wild joy.

That's when you look over your shoulder and see the next mountain slope. Your entire being lights up with an unquenchable desire to take on this new challenge. But wait, are those storm clouds over the next horizon? "Nothing this warrior can't handle," you think brazenly. The worries of the past washed away, your head filled with images of the next victory, you forge bravely ahead.

Welcome to a New You! The Aries New Moon occurs on Wednesday April 10th at 4:36AM Central Time. The Sun will be in conjunction with Moon, Mars and Venus, signaling a great time of new beginnings in our personal projects, relationships and emotional healing. Hanging out a few degrees behind is Uranus, continuing to stoke our instinctual need to be liberated from the past. All of these planets were recently in square aspect with Pluto, sending us through stormy trials that forced us to earn our spiritual keep, and now the daybreak of a new beginning is dawning. We are exalted! We are powerful! We are living!

But we mustn't let our exuberance get the best of us. Saturn in Scorpio is reminding us that we can still fall if we're not tending to our soul work. Whatever isn't cleaned up within our consciousness, any ways we covertly manipulate others or cling to addictions for safety, must be transformed or we may not actually survive the next storm on the mountain. Our ally in this work is the trine (120 degree) aspect from Saturn to Mercury in Pisces, which reminds us that the way through our storms is to balance our personal desires with compassion for the needs of others. As always with Saturn, we're being asked to walk a narrow path with integrity. No room for overindulgence, but if we are doing the dance right, pouring our enthusiasm for life into the upliftment of others, then the rewards will satisfy us well beyond the petty short term gains of excess.

The Aries New Moon reminds us of the importance of the fierceness of life. We cannot simply be passive and assume Spirit will take care of everything if we just get out of the way. It is we who are the instruments of Spirit, the ones who must fiercely stand for our causes to make the change we want to see in the world. We must brandish our swords with equal parts fierceness and compassion, keeping our spiritual territories clean. It is true that there is no real enemy, and it is equally true that to love fully we must be willing to consciously destroy unserving illusions.

And hey, that playful rogue, Jupiter in Gemini, is still reminding us that if we are being strong spiritual warriors we can have a rollicking fun time in the process. Play with this by dispensing what you've learned through poetry, dancing, singing, joking, laughing. Let the wondrous varieties of life spur you on to give more of what you know to those needing the guidance. While Saturn is sternly watching over us to make sure we're not dispensing bullshit, Jupiter is there to lighten us up, to remind us it's not all as serious as all that. But we can only have fun to the degree we're being real. Any manipulating pretense will knock us on our ass, and we will say damn, this is serious work. Just get up, clean up your act, and you'll find Jupiter waiting around the next corner to surprise you with a hilarious joke, in the company of your friends, awash in life affirming gifts.

Be bold this new moon. Put yourself out there in a new way and revel in the wellspring of life that animates who you are. If you stumble, then be joyful in the fact that life will always bring you the perfect lessons to help you get back on your feet and become stronger as a spiritual warrior, equally child and protector of the divine.

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