Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Serpent Moon

Serpent Moon
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A child hangs over the precipice of a well. A woman camping in the desert sits motionless as a rattlesnake in her tent coils himself in attack mode. A surfer catches and rides the most ferocious wave of his life. A couple brings each other to the peak of sexual ecstasy. A star explodes.

Anything that brings us to the edge of experience transforms us. Whether pleasurable or painful does not matter, it is the intensity that changes us, forcing us to adjust ourselves to a new and unavoidable condition. Any significant change is like a death, the past version of ourselves gone forever, assimilated and morphed into the new being we have become. If we're paying attention we see that death is actually life transformed and renewed, and if we go through enough change we can master its lessons, realizing that death was never something to be feared. Death, like change, becomes our ally and as we master death so too we master life.

The essence of life and death are one and the same. This is the essence of the archetype of Scorpio. The Scorpio Full Moon (what I like to call a Serpent Moon) occurs Thursday April 25th at 2:58pm Central Time. It is also a lunar eclipse. We can expect change, we can expect challenge and, if we're paying attention and doing our work, we can expect triumph.

Like no other sign, Scorpio takes us to the leading edge of life, to the most focused point of intensity that we can experience. Scorpio's goal is to alter us, but not without purpose. The true function of Scorpio is evolution, to elevate life to the next level. It may mean taking us through the grinder to break apart our fears, denials and addictions, but where we end up as a result is like standing renewed upon firm ground, able to more deeply receive the gifts offered us by the eternal garden of life, newly stabilized and fuller than ever with the joy of pure living.

Whatever karmic issues we’ve brought in to this life have now to be dealt with if we are to rise to our soul purposes in the coming pivotal years of change on Earth. If we walk our leading edge with courage and faith, we will emerge triumphant.

The Full Moon is a time of reckoning, where the light of our awareness (the Sun) shines upon our deeper emotional processes (the Moon). If we're taking care of our needs and handling our emotional imbalances then the Full Moon is a time to rejoice. If we're hiding in denial or refusing to change, then our imbalances take charge, and we can go crazy; the reason the word "lunacy" derives from the word "lunar".

A lunar eclipse takes this process even deeper because now the light of our awareness is filtered directly through our raw, primal human nature (the Earth). We cannot simply meditate through the process or use our lofty intellect to escape the dark passage. We must feel the process in our bodies, shake, flail or convulse if we have to, in order to process the changes being demanded of us.

Now we add in the qualities of the Full Moon's sign — Scorpio. Given what's been said, we can see that going through a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of life and death might indicate a bit of heaviness and profound change. Indeed it does, and the symbolism gets even better.

Rattlesnake Dance

Is it love or is it war? Either one can change us forever.
(photo by Dawn Endico)

The Serpent Moon is also conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn rules the structures of consciousness (including outer physical structures) and in Scorpio is already taking us through our work to clean up and rebuild ourselves at a soul level while re-incorporating those parts of ourselves we've kept hidden. Whatever karmic issues we've brought in to this life have now to be dealt with if we are to rise to our soul purposes in the coming pivotal years of change on Earth. This Moon/Saturn conjunction is thus a check in on our evolutionary process from a broader, long term, multi-life perspective, to show us how well we are in this life incorporating the processes of deep inner change while giving us opportunities to adjust. Whatever is not cleaned up, whatever important work we've put aside for another day will present itself now. It's time to go deep and clean out our karmic cellars as we meet the dark within ourselves, and if we walk that leading edge with courage and faith, we will emerge triumphant, ready to receive the gifts awaiting us on the other side, not the least of which is the gift of finally being fully released from karmic baggage that can go back lifetimes.

In a sense, this full moon is a mini-version of the larger cycles of change occurring for humanity at this time. The human race is evolving extremely rapidly, and this full moon is a microcosmic version of the larger shift. But it's not just one night — this full moon cycle will be with us for the next month as we move through the Solar Eclipse on May 9th and the next Lunar Eclipse on May 25th. This could be a challenging month, but it's not all heaviness and darkness.

Venus is in her home sign of Taurus, opposing that Saturn in Scorpio, at a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. The symbolism here is a promise of the paradise that awaits us if we face the darkness and change ourselves in the ways we're being asked. Whatever is going on for you during this time, embrace it fully with the faith and trust that not only can you handle it, you can transform the experience into a powerful victory by letting life transform you. These energies and processes don't just happen to us, we are co-creative with them, and thus we have the responsibility to utilize them consciously, whether by surrender, action or both. When we reach the next New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) on May 9th, the Moon and Sun will be conjunct Mercury and Mars in Taurus, free and clear of any stressful aspects, and this bodes well for a time of receiving rewards for our work, so long as we don't let ourselves get stuck in resistance to change.

You are human and you are Spirit. You are life and you are death. You are the snake and the garden, the taker and the giver, the prayer and the preyer, the "calf and the killing". Live your dualities as one, be the dark and the light, and you will navigate the waters of this powerful Full Moon to the wondrous shores of renewed life.

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6 Responses to Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

  1. Julia says:

    Wow, great article! Really easy to grasp the feel of this Full Moon time. Thank you for sharing. Consciousness is an amazing thing.

    • Aries says:

      Thanks Julia, I’m glad the article speaks to you. I fully agree consciousness is one amazing, weird, funny, intensely magnificent thing.

  2. Elsa Savaiano says:

    Wow! What powerful energy. I felt compelled to do a lot of reflection. I had to ask myself some very difficult questions. I don’t have all the answers yet, but I’m working on it. I guess that’s the point….

    • Aries says:

      Good for you Elsa. I find asking the difficult questions with an openness to the truth, and the vulnerabilities that entails, can lead to the most empowering answers. May you find the elevation you seek!

  3. Carolyn says:

    You write such beautiful stories and you make the stars so relate-able. Thank you for your blog, I keep it in mind as I challenge myself and deal with challenges that are given to me. Looking forward to more.

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