Summer 2013

Image copyright Jim Byrkit

Image copyright Jim Byrkit

A seafaring captain surrenders his ship to the wind and sea, allowing the currents of air and water to carry him wherever God wills. He passes through storms and stillness and in his faith he always arrives exactly where and when he is needed. He acquires and delivers cargo, meets friends old and new, lives off the sea and gains knowledge for all his experiences. He has given control over his fate back to God and feels exalted in his life's return to simplicity.

And yet he cannot shake the sense of a dark leviathan lurking just under his ship at all times, able to swallow him and his ship whole in a single snap of its massive jaws. His anxiety reminds him that even though surrender to God has its rewards, it does not guarantee against annihilation.

And he's right. There is no guaranteed safety from the abyss, and it is good he is aware of this, for the knowledge that we can be swallowed up at any time creates the tension that we can creatively use to maintain our attention to humility, service and laughter in the face of it all.

There is much of this theme in the astrological transits of Summer 2013. There's a certain flow to life punctuated by near-disasters, almost-mishaps and nick-of-time saves. Planets in all three water signs are connected by an equilateral triangle, what's known as a Grand Water Trine. Saturn in Scorpio takes us to our inner depths, while Neptune in Pisces brings in a taste of the dreamy and mystical, keeping things light and diffuse, while Jupiter in Cancer keeps us grounded at home, feeling good about our journey (so long as we don't get too emotional). But Pluto in Scorpio, the leviathan that takes no prisoners unless it wants our very soul, is at opposition to that Jupiter, making sure that any emotion we express that is not in integrity with the truth will be fiercely outed. Uranus at square aspect to Pluto completes a so-called t-square with Jupiter, electrifying the energy such that a sudden calamity can explode into our reality — thankfully easily washed away by the nurturing waters of the Grand Trine.

The advice in dealing with all of this energy is to relax, but don't relax too much. Pay attention and stay focused, but don't hyper-focus. Maintain your cool when bad things appear to happen, because all you need to do is apply yourself to the resolution and you'll find it gets resolved much more easily than you thought. You might even begin to feel like you're on a roll, mastering your game as you easily deal with one crisis after another. Keep your ego in check, this flow won't last forever, but enjoy it while it lasts and take this time to work on some of those accomplishments you've been putting off. The support is finally here.

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  1. Julia says:

    Great post! Love the story. To the point and dreamy. “Keep ego in check” and get stuff done, too. Yep.. In between the wild disasters… Haha! Love you Brian.

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