Leo New Moon 2013

Artist Qi Feng

Artist Qi Feng

An actress stands just off stage, waiting for her entrance. She feels the familiar precipitation of nervous sweat through her hands and a tickling drip down her back. Her stomach still jitters before a show, even after years of professional acting. She's well practiced at bringing herself to center, utilizing her nervous energy to project a more vibrant performance. Indeed, she lives for the rush of turning fear into triumph on stage.

But today is different. Instead of the playful twinge of excited energy in her eyes, her brow is furrowed and creased with a more serious focus. She has just been diagnosed with lymphocytic leukemia and given a doubtful prognosis. Facing sudden extreme change and a limited future, every turbulent emotion within her is vying for her attention. Yet she remains stoic, centered, ready to give her all to the stage.

For not only must the show go on — her soul must perform. It's not a choice for her, she has thrown herself into her life, into the cauldron of professional acting, and no matter what conditions life presents her with, she cannot cease living it. She has merged her theatrical spirit with every aspect of her life, becoming the consummate performer with every step. She wears the mask of each persona in each moment, knowing that she is at once all of them and none of them. What is death? Just another script to be acted, another performance to be made. She resolves to herself that she will make it a triumphant one, and bring down the house with the grace and vitality that has characterized her life. Her brow softens. She smiles and her eyes glitter anew as she steps yet again into the total immersion of the footlights.

The Leo New Moon occurs on Tuesday August 6th at 4:52pm, Central Time. The New Moon is a time for inner reflection, to look at whatever emotional issues still plague us and seek spiritual guidance in working them out. In the sign of Leo, the emotional issues at hand have to do with how we perceive and express ourselves relative to the world around us. This can bring up issues of selfishness, self-centeredness and attention whoring. Leo is the essence of the inner creative spirit, the need to express our inner subjective nature and be recognized for our specialness. But if we are not shining an equally adoring light on others then we end up feeling bitter and under appreciated.

This New Moon asks you to look at where you may be stealing the limelight from others because you think you deserve it more than they do. Or perhaps you're feeling like your parents didn't give you enough attention as a child, so now you figure God owes you something. On the other hand, if you are naturally giving of attention and recognizing the special gifts of others, this New Moon may generate a sense of your own inner specialness, feeling like a Divine Child adored by your parental gods and goddesses.

Whatever your experience, your best bet is to bring in Leo's polarity of Aquarius. Take a detached view of what comes up for you during this New Moon. Do not overly identify with your emotions, for while they make up part of your experience, they do not define you. Like our brave actress above, recognize that all the world is a stage, including your inner world, and that from an objective, birds-eye view of your life you can choose for yourself how you are going to act your part. Will you leave your audience feeling rejected or will you dazzle them with your brilliance and bravery? This divine play is yours to act, every life experience yours to mold into triumph. Leo is always urging you on — be yourself! Revel in your uniqueness! Yet while you roar with Leo's pride, know the wink in the lion's eye — who you are is yours to choose, to be yourself is to be whomever you want to be.

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