Pisces Full Moon 2013

Digital painting by "Steel Eyes".

Pisces, by "Steel Eyes".

A man stumbles out of a bar, having had a few commiserating drinks with a broken hearted friend. He remembers he has to look for work in the morning, but decides he's not concerned about it. More thoughts buzz into his mind like irritating flies, nagging at him to remember his traffic court date coming up, the papers he has to file for his divorce, the need to find a steady job, and a dozen other untended-to duties. "Ahh, I'll get to all that crap later," he mutters to himself as he swats at invisible flies in front of his face.

As he staggers around a corner he bumps shoulders with a priest, a kindly looking older man who looks at the drunk man with sincere concern.

"Oops, sorry father!"

"Please, it's nothing. But, my son, if I may say, from the looks of you I fear you may be heading down a dark path. I would be happy to host you for a night at my home, so you can sober up, receive the blessings of God, and take the first step towards cleaning yourself up."

"Wha? Uh, no, father, thanks, I'm just fine as I am." He tries to hurry off but the priest grabs his arm and puts a card in his pocket.

"Call me if you need anything."

"Sure yeah father, goodnight."

The man thinks to himself "Buzz off, old man! I'm not your son." He staggers away as the priest quietly says a blessing for him.

Just a block from home, the man finds a young boy playing with matches. Conscious enough to feel concern for the boy's safety, the man approaches the boy and says "Hey kid, you really shouldn't play with fire, you don't wanna get burned." The boy looks meanly at the man and spits: "Buzz off, old man! I'm not your kid." The boy picks up his matches and runs off.

"Stupid kid's gonna hurt himself. Oh well he'll learn web project management tools."

The man arrives at his doorstep, picks up his mail, and walks inside. First light is starting to break over the city and he's able to make out the top item on his mail pile — a catalog from the local hardware chain, announcing a sale on buzz saws. He chuckles as he recalls his night and thinks: "Yeah I saw a buzz tonight alright! Whoo!"

He sits on the floor and shuffles through the rest of the mail. Junk, bills, catalogs, then — an eviction notice, a subpoena from his wife's lawyer, his final unemployment check, and the crucial blow — a notice from DCFS informing him of the loss of his rights to visit his children. His hands drop from the weight of it all and he stares forward blankly. The pain he's tried so hard to run away from begins to rise from deep within. He can't stop it, nor does he have the strength to try.

Just then a real fly begins to buzz around his head. The words "buzz off, buzz saw" float into his mind, mingled with the feelings of being buzzed and the sound of the buzzing fly. Suddenly it all snaps into focus and he sees the face of the priest, inviting him in. It was the kindest gesture anyone had shown him in a long while. He pulls out the priest's card and stares at it for a few minutes, turning it over and flipping the edges. Then with a new feeling of determination he gets up and heads out the door to find the priest.

Welcome to the Pisces Full Moon, exact on Thursday September 19th at 6:13am central time. This full moon is full of highs, lows, and deep depths. It's a test of our commitment to our spiritual path, showing us where we avoid the details of our lives and try to escape the effort or the pain. If we are like our tragic hero above — drinking, smoking, television-ing or denying our way out of our life's duties — then this is a time where we'll get slammed back down to Earth with no choice but to do our work.

But even if we are as far gone as all that, we are still, as always, guided. The keyword with any Pisces Full Moon is surrender. This is a time to surrender to the experiences and messages coming to you from Spirit, whether they come in the form of a random encounter with a spiritual leader, a challenging realization of denial or disillusionment, or in the form of an incessant fly around your head. Or perhaps the same words keep appearing in front of you. Pay attention to these synchronicities and contemplate their meaning for you. If action is required, take it, but take it slowly and deliberately, always checking in with your inner guidance.

With all of the Scorpio energy occurring right now we need to pay close attention to doing our soul work, particularly in the realm of relationships — both our relationships to others and to ourselves. This could be a time of relationship surprises like betrayals, fierce arguments, even separations. Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio takes no prisoners. Either the relationship evolves, or it dies. But if you've been doing the work on keeping up the integrity and authenticity of the relationship, then this could be a time of great strengthening. Powerful sexual magic can also be had, whether out of a reward for work well done or as "make up sex" after releasing a pent up argument. But take caution that sex can also be used for escape just as alcohol or drugs. Trying to use sex to avoid the relationship work will utterly fail in stark and likely very embarrassing ways.

Facing relationship issues will require maintaining emotional discipline. Jupiter in Cancer squaring Mercury in Libra and Uranus in Aries warns us not to be too emotionally wild or needy lest we get turned away for being inauthentic. Remember that no one determines how you feel but you. It's okay to feel hurt, but sometimes hurt is what is needed to motivate a shift into greater inner strength. The more you own your emotional experience, the easier it is to hold others accountable for theirs.

Take this full moon time to surrender to whatever life presents you. That includes surrendering to the work required. If you're unsure of what that work might be, try meditating until you get a clear sense of it. Indeed, meditation may be the only work you need do.

Keeping yourself focused on the right work will surprise you with moments ranging from refreshing emotional clearing to blissful spiritual connection. That's when you know you're doing what you need to do, in the right place at the right time.

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  1. Julia says:

    Glad to say I spent no time wiling away the day on the computer yesterday (Full Moon) and i feel even better about that after reading this. I actually woke up to meditate between 6 and 7 AM and it was intense. Thanks for all these reminders, and the poignant story. It’s been quite a potent week overall!

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