Libra New Moon 2013

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You've just come home from a long day. All you can think of is falling into a warm embrace with your romantic partner. But when they walk through the door you're chilled to the bone by the look of steel rage in their eyes. You're treated to a whirlwind of pent up anger copiously vented without prejudice. Feeling wronged by terrible injustice, your partner spews angry epithets in your direction as if you were the wrongdoer's proxy. In your own vulnerability you wilt in realization that your desire for intimacy is not to be fulfilled visit this site right here. As your partner is carried away by anger, you find yourself carried away by self pity.

Just then a third party arrives with a knock on the door. Your partner stops in mid-elocutive profanity. You walk to the door and open it — a government official hands you a letter and wishes you good day. Your partner stands next to you as you both read — a notice from the government informing you that your apartment building is to be demolished to make space for a new federal building. You have six months to find a new place to live.

Now your ire begins to rise and the profanity begins to stream from your lips. And now it's your partner who wilts, having spent their rage and now exasperated by the weight of one more blind injustice. But although the emotional tables have turned, there is still no connection, no center from which to derive strength. This realization brings your partner to their feet, and they turn your face to theirs, make a "shh!" gesture, and in a moment of eye to eye gazing you connect, and although there are no clear solutions, there is at least one point of clarity that rises in you like a blazing sun — no matter what happens, you're in this together.

We have arrived at the Libra New Moon, occurring Friday, October 4th at 7:34pm central time. The degree is 11° Libra. This is one of the most potent new moons we will encounter. Not only is the Sun/Moon conjunction in Libra (who are my real partners in this lifetime?) caught in a t-square with Pluto and Uranus (tired of the world? Let's just blow it the fuck up!) but the ruler of this New Moon, Venus, is in Scorpio at square with Mars in Leo. This is an extremely volatile soup of emotional, relational, and self assertive issues. It is also a preparatory advent for the major world changes that are nearing our doorstep.

Adding to the mix of cosmic energies is the fact that this New Moon is the last before the next exact square of Uranus and Pluto (at 9° Aries and Capricorn on November 1st). This puts our personal experience straight into the drama of the world shifting events that are occurring all around us. Here in the United States we have a government shutdown in effect while more revelations of government spying are being released. Expect much more of these kinds of events, and prepare for personal confrontation with them. We are nearing the point where we cannot expect any personal separation from the injustices being carried out by the larger forces of governments, militaries, corporations, economies and all other forms of power structure. It will not be long before we will all need to take a stand, and this New Moon is, in part, about finding and uniting with the partners that will take that stand with us.

On a more mundane level, this Libra New Moon is either going to severely test our relationships or, depending on personal natal chart dynamics and how well you've worked on relationship issues, take them to new evolutionary levels. This is a prime time to experience unexpected emotional eruptions of pent up anger due to feelings of either you or your partner's sense of being restricted by the prevailing conditions of life. My job is stifling me! This relationship is stifling me! The government is stifling me! Being poor is stifling me! You are stifling me!!

Libra, an air sign, reminds us to take a deep breath. If we are feeling trapped by the conditions of life, it's because we've made choices that got us there. The intensity of the energy right now is an invitation to harness that energy for conscious change. To do so, however, you may need to surrender to being destroyed so you can be renewed. Your partner may have a point — maybe it's you who needs to change in order to facilitate growth for you, the partner and the relationship.

Various astrological factors — Jupiter in Cancer, Cancer as the opposition to the t-square vertex — advise us to look towards Cancer as the way through the process. The point here is to harness emotional discipline to see us through whatever arises. Do not fall into emotional victimhood or latch on to a partner or friend in hopes that they'll handle your emotions for you. Remember that everyone around you is going through something, and that you cannot heal emotional wounds without earnestly building foundational structures that prop those emotions up while giving them the time and space to resolve. Ask yourself what you can do to assist others in their process by uniting and building a common foundation. Find ways to deepen emotional bonds through truth and service. Most of all, own your own emotional experience, take responsibility for what you feel, and use what you learn to help others.

We can derive a great deal of meaning from this New Moon by looking at the Sabian Symbol for 11° Libra (12° Sabian):


The need to carry on ever deeper levels the quest for knowledge which keeps burning the fires of the collective mind of a society.

The message here is to carry forth the journey, no matter how hard it appears to get. As you do so, like the emerging miners, remember to occasionally arise to the surface with the jewels you've harvested from your time deep in the darkness of the mine. Sacrifices must be made if we are to continue "deeper levels the quest for knowledge," and it is through those sacrifices that we earn our ever increasing awareness of ourselves. In turn, as we know ourselves, we can more authentically bond with the partners who truly belong in the spheres of our lives.

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5 Responses to Libra New Moon 2013

  1. Julia says:

    I often think of New Moons as times to start patterns and set intentions. Is this New Moon more appropriate for just experiencing, and maybe waiting on starting something new?

    • Aries says:

      That’s a good point Julia, new moons are indeed good times to plant seeds of intention. This one is good for the issues mentioned above — finding the right partners for our life, seeking to know what within ourselves needs to shift to allow deeper relationship bonds, etc., as well as setting the intention to evolve the relationship with the self. Hope you’re enjoying the ride!

      • Julia says:

        I AM enjoying the ride! This has been a really potent New Moon and it’s still flowing. Wow! What an opportunity.

  2. Tom says:

    I found this to be quite helpful. I am very grateful. Being in the midst of many transitions and what I desire to quickly declare a hardship. Maybe even deny ownership or responsibiltyfor. I humbly accept that the current climate i find myself in has my signiture on the blue print. I very much appreciate the reminder of not claiming victim hood. Instead being inspired to accept and “to carry fourth the journey” and help others in the process. I am most certainly taking asleep breath tho evening thank you!

    • Aries says:

      Yes Tom life is full of all of our signatures. With the proper humility and self responsibility you are sure to rise to new levels of awareness and, the natural consequence, joy. All good things to you, and please feel free to comment again.

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