Taurus Full Moon 2013

The Impala and The Moon

Photo by Mario Moreno.

Van Helsing staggers into the home of his friend Arthur Holmwood, dazed and exhausted from a long, frightful journey. Arthur takes Van Helsing's arm and guides him to sit in a chair by the fire. Van Helsing sighs and stares motionless into the flame. Arthur sets a cup of hot tea on the nightstand next to Van Helsing and takes the plush chair adjacent to him, both men now angled towards the fire and appearing to stare into it blankly, although their minds are full of horrific images of their recent battles.

After a minute of nothing but the sound of the flickering fire and its occasional pop, Van Helsing suddenly looks up and around and says: "It's been so long, I've forgotten what comfort looks like." Pointing at a mounted bird on the wall, he continues: "Do you know I once killed a pheasant like that, only twice that size?"

Arthur, still gazing into the fire, simply mutters: "Show off."

"No, really. I must have been a very young lad indeed. I remember the excitement of it as my first real kill. I ran over to it to claim my prize, but when I looked into the bird's eyes, still desperately clinging to life, I felt the pure shallowness of my victory. It was just happily going about its life and I took away everything it ever had. I really felt terrible about it. Funny to think I was once so naive." He gazes again into the fire, his eyes seemingly miles away in reflection of the past months' events. "Death has become such a common companion I've forgotten what it was like to mourn it."

Arthur looks at Van Helsing with a grim yet somehow uplifting expression. "Dracula is dead, Abraham, as are his vile witches. Because of our courage, faith and perseverance against all odds, we have defeated the greatest evil imaginable. We have seen things from beyond this world, experienced powers very few mortals in all the ages of history will ever believe could even exist. And now, after four exhausting weeks in a miserable carriage, riding through cold and constant mortal danger, we have finally made it home safe and relatively sound, two friends in front of a warm fire, with all the comforts of home available to us in sheer abundance. Look at me Abraham."

Van Helsing turns to look at his friend, and both men begin to smirk despite their attempts to remain serious. Arthurs leans towards him, asking resolutely: "Will you please, for the love of all that remains holy, shut up about death and drink your tea?"

Neither man wanting to break the grim silence first, they stare at each other until the rising energy within them can no longer be contained. Suddenly, both men burst into uncontrollable raucous laughter, releasing months of pent up traumatic stress. Arthur gets up and fetches a bottle of his finest brandy, deciding it's a better night for spirits than for tea. Throughout the night Arthur and Van Helsing revel in their company at hearth and home, retelling horrific war stories now made blessedly poignant by time and distance, laughing at old and new jokes, even occasionally crying over their losses. They feel their beating hearts full of the pains and joys of life as the sun rises slowly over the Holmwood estate on a rare, perfectly sunny English morning.

The Taurus Full Moon occurs Sunday November 17th at 9:15am central time. As always with the Taurus Full Moon, we're being shown how well we have worked the lessons of facing our fears, even of death, in willingness to change and evolve. If we've been doing the work, this is a time to receive the physical comforts that result. We've been out there in the dark, either slaying demons or ourselves being slain, and now we can step into the hallowed halls of heroes, receive our gifts, and rejuvenate before the next battle arrives.

However, this Full Moon comes out of a rather exceptionally harrowing Scorpio time. We just came out of an intense Mercury Retrograde, where we were challenged to see how our own thinking patterns result in mucking up our reality, and that blaming others for our problems only makes them worse. By taking full ownership of our experience we have discovered that only we have the power to empower ourselves. And still we have several planets transiting Scorpio, including Saturn and the Sun, which continue the Scorpio lessons of letting go and trusting in what we can't see. But the energy is finally moving fully forward, taking us into a more stable future, having transformed us through our inner mini-deaths. And the Taurus Full Moon is our chance to reap the rewards of hearth and home, warmth and comfort, safety and security, all commensurate with and in recognition of our courage, faith and perseverance.

Adding to the abundance is Jupiter retrograde in Cancer at trine to Sun and sextile to Moon. This imparts a sense of nurturing through faith and of being loved for who we are, no matter where we're at in our journey. Jupiter should alleviate the usual full Moon craziness, given that it is also harmonized with Saturn. Completing the water signs, Neptune has recently turned direct in Pisces, and Chiron will do so shortly after. The message here is that as the winter begins to take us inward for the season, we are ready to make some leaps forward in our spiritual healing, re-integrating the broken parts of ourselves unearthed during the Scorpio intensity.

Venus will still be in orb of Pluto and Uranus, asking us if we can be fierce enough within relationship to break the chains and make us both free. We must have the courage to step out of patterns of passivity that allow relationship issues to drag on, or surely the dragon of emotional volatility will rear its ugly head and force us to deal. That can mean elimination, or try again to work it through. It's the last major Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) process on our plates for a little while.

All told, though, this Full Moon looks like a great time to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labors with friends and family. Be sure to give and receive freely, as Taurus embodies the lesson that what we give is what we receive, and it is just as important to know how to give by receiving and receive by giving.

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  1. Julia says:

    twas a cozy community Full Moon for me, with luscious rich rain storms! I’m certainly still feeling the ongoing Scorpio energy, and glad there is always movement in the stars and seasons. I’m exploring this subject of safety and trust a lot, as well as non-judgment. I see Taurus may have something to do with that. <3

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