Sagittarius New Moon 2013 – Adventure Awaits!

Sagittarius by "Steel Eyes".

Sagittarius by "Steel Eyes".

Feeling into his anxious heart, a young Buddhist adept rises from meditation on the temple mountain. He faces the temple, the home that has nourished his learning and spiritual growth for years. He bows to it in reverence and gratitude for all that the temple, his teachers, and the mountain itself have selflessly given to him. Standing erect with welling tears, he recalls memories of his life there with the richness of reflective nostalgia.

The adept had made his choice, after much deliberation with the temple lama, that he would abdicate his monastic vows and rejoin the secular world. The pull of the call to adventure, to discover himself by means of his own, had become too great to ignore. His soul was directing him to the next phase of his spiritual journey — to throw himself into the chaos of the world and see what he can create with it.

Just then a strong wind gusts around him, and he looks up. He notices the clouds moving swiftly in the direction behind him. He turns to see where they are pointing. There sprawled amongst the foothills are the towns and roads he is about to explore, igniting his imagination with stories of adventure, easily romanticized from such a great height.

Harnessing his determination in the face of both his anxiety and excitement for what is to come, the adept picks up his bags, slings them on his back, and inhales deeply of the mountain air. He chooses not to take a final glance at the temple behind him. As he makes his first confident steps, he smiles in recognition of his courage and pride in his willingness to follow his inner guidance.

Watching all of this from within the temple sits the lama, smiling as the young man takes his first self assured steps into the wild. His gaze is unattached, observing the man with as much regard as he observes the clouds, knowing that each and every movement of the world, whether man or cloud, whether sacred or profane, is a movement towards self awakening.

The Sagittarius New Moon is upon us, occurring on Monday December 2nd at 6:22pm central time, heralding a month of adventure and self discovery, if we are brave enough to take the risk. This New Moon asks us how willing we are to see and take on the adventure of life, and as always with Sagittarius and its ruling planet Jupiter, whether we are willing to take a leap of faith to experience something greater than before.

Sagittarius is the result of the emergence of the soul from Scorpio, where it had to face darkness and obsession, fear and loathing and even death itself, in order to remake itself. Now, like Phoenix rising from the ashes, the soul is geared up to explore both the inner and outer Universe, confident that if it can handle death, it can handle anything life throws at it.

One of Sagittarius's secret truths is that by recognizing death we allow the experience of adventure to flourish. Even our greatest pains, anguishes and regrets become a grand adventure on the wild stage of life, for we know they are but temporary experiences arising out of the palette of living. For Sagittarius, everything is exploration, met with eternal, unbreakable and unbounded optimism. Knowing from its journey through Scorpio that everything dies, and thus births something new, Sagittarius jovially takes in everything it can out of whatever experience it is having.

Of course such unbounded optimism has its drawbacks. Sagittarius occurs prior to Capricorn, which teaches us about our limitations and how to use them, making more with less. Therefore at this New Moon we are also being asked to see where we may carry delusions of grandeur, thinking we are unlimited or unaccountable.

Ultimately, Sagittarius is about seeking truth, philosophically, culturally, spiritually. More specific to this New Moon, there's a direct link between it and Uranus in Aries. This expands and ignites the potential to create swift change out of our search for inner truth if we willingly put ourselves to the task. As you take in the New Moon, reflecting on yourself and setting future intentions, take a bold look wherever you can see yourself leading the charge for change. Don't skimp due to insecurities or judgements. Dream big, and let the detailed pieces of "how" and "when" fall into place on their own.

Jupiter, the ruler of this New Moon, is in Cancer at a trine to Saturn. This is more indication that as we head into 2014 we are about to experience life in a completely new way, with our spiritual efforts being nicely rewarded. Jupiter's opposition to Venus in Capricorn keeps working the lessons of actualizing integrity in relationships, and the benefits that can come from it. Venus also trines Mars in Virgo, reminding us that as we offer service to others we too will be served.

Hanging out in Pisces are Neptune and Chiron, the latter being at square to the New Moon. Here we have reflected the lesson of the lama in our story above, that while it is right for us to feel special in our life adventure, it is also equally true that we are no more nor less special than any other facet of the cosmos. The clouds move towards enlightenment just as humans do. There is healing in this realization, that the greatest adventure of all is the one taken in unity with all that is.

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