Gemini Full Moon 2013 – Nurturing Brilliance


Gemini, by Josephine Wall.

A space-cruiser holds its position outside a wormhole. Debating what to do from inside the ship are the pilots, rebellious young fraternal twins exploring dangerous anomalies at the outer edge of the galaxy.

"I have a crazy idea!"

"You always have crazy ideas."

"Whatever, just check this out: If we fly the ship close enough to the wormhole without actually going through it, we can use the ship's antimatter compensators to stabilize us until the wormhole's space-time distortion field makes a copy of ourselves and the ship. We then send our doubles through the wormhole and wait for them to return and tell us what's on the other side. If they don't come back then we can assume it's too dangerous to go through."

"No way. Even if we could duplicate the ship, how would we know which is the copy and which is us? How would we convince them to put their lives at risk?"

"That's the brilliant bit. We can use the wormhole's event horizon to create a time shift that generates our duplicates from a moment in time just before having this conversation. We'll just tell them we're from the future and that we already know they'll be fine."

"But wouldn't that mean that our clones would shortly thereafter discuss this very idea?"

"It's possible, but that won't matter since--"

Just then two voices from a ship off the starboard bow speak over the comm simultaneously: "Hey guys!" The twins gulp as they recognize the voices as theirs. "We have a very special mission for you!"

The Gemini Full Moon, opposing the Sagittarius Sun, arrives Tuesday December 17th at 3:28am Central Time. This Full Moon features a tidy circle of planets — Moon ruled by Mercury ruled by Jupiter ruled by Moon — creating a dynamic family of energies seeking truth and nurturing. Whether this family is functional or dysfunctional depends on how well we can integrate another opposition in the sky — Mars in Libra opposing an almost direct Uranus in Aries.

Gemini is the sign of the twins, one earthbound and mortal, the other celestial and immortal. It's ruling planet, Mercury, is the divine messenger, relaying information between gods and humans. In our personal charts, Gemini refers to our capacity to think, communicate and listen. It shows where and how we are likely to be flighty, dynamic, and seeking a myriad of experience. Gemini is the jack of all trades, master of none — that is, Gemini is the master of no-thingness, able to see beyond all dualities and thus able to embrace any polarity it chooses, utterly adaptable to all situations.

On its own, the Gemini Full Moon indicates a time where we can feel the rising of new ideas, with a coinciding motivation to get out there and interact with the outside hustle and bustle so we can share and integrate our ideas with others. After all the inward journeying of the Scorpio New Moon and Taurus Full Moon, and subsequent new explorations started with the Sagittarius New Moon, we're ready to share what we've learned while adding to our knowledge.

Meanwhile, Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries can make for rather hot confrontation. My ideas are better than yours! Wait, listen to me, I'm tired of listening to you! Watch yourself becoming overly headstrong, remembering to occasionally defer to others, as our friends and allies have the keys we need to unlock the genius inside us (genius — Genie-Us). Given that Uranus is about to turn direct (still barely retrograde at the start of the Full Moon), we are gearing up for forward advancement in freeing ourselves from past conditioning. We must break our chains and liberate our ideas, but we must also remember we cannot do it alone. Even our most personal journeys are still collective ones, and Libra Mars opposing Aries Uranus tests our ability to bring our tribe along with us, driving the switch from being in alienation to uniting with the "Alien Nation" — collective allies creating breakthrough innovations.

And we are indeed deeply engaged in our search for communion with our truest allies. North Node in Scorpio, South Node in Taurus, continues to bring to us our soul-comrades, those who will stand at our side in our battles for personal and collective evolution. Both rulers of the North Node (Pluto) and South Node (Venus) stand in Capricorn, testing our integrity in handling our emotional and relationship attachments, making sure that the allies we choose are really right for us. Any lies, manipulations or denials will be called out as these transits move forward (and backwards, as Venus will soon turn retrograde). Will you trust the duplicate twins assuring you the wormhole is safe?

Whether time-shifts, wormholes, self-duplicates, or the very existence of anything at all, life is full of paradoxes. Gemini seeks to resolve paradox by fully understanding each polarity that creates it. It does so through the Mutable Grand Cross represented by the signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Seeing all points of view, Gemini assimilates them through mental digestion (Virgo) to generate an inner knowing of truth (Sagittarius) that it can use to synthesize all concepts into a universal whole (Pisces). What are your paradoxes? Who can you ally with to resolve them? What new ideas can you birth as a result of you and your tribe thinking outside the status quo box?

Keep your mind open and adaptable as you sift through the ideas that will create a radically better future. Soon enough we will set to work, building the structures that will give form to our ideas when we reach the high degree of Capricorn energy coming in with the Winter Solstice and into 2014. For now, nurture the brilliance.

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2 Responses to Gemini Full Moon 2013 – Nurturing Brilliance

  1. Julia says:

    whew! a lot of wordy Gemini questions for me to hear now as I move through a major multi-level release!! Thanks for the writing! And the reminder of Star Trek… I’ve been watching Voyager :)

    • Aries says:

      It’s a bit Star Trekkie, yes, but it feels more Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to me. Enjoy the releasing, and don’t be afraid to ask wordy questions, we’re still sifting through the mental detritus to find the golden nuggets.

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