It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Supermoon!

Superman stands atop a skyscraper at sunrise, surveying the sprawling city of Metropolis. He thinks about how much simpler city life seems from this height. Whether leaping tall buildings or steadily flying over them, he finds a certain peace in taking in the entire picture from a bird's eye view, as if all the crazy minutiae of living on the streets makes some kind of meaningful sense from far above.

Loved by many, cursed by most, Superman is the pinnacle of self realization. He knows what his powers can do and he uses them in service to humanity, living by ethical standards as much his own as they are earned. Yet he still occasionally feels a restless desire to move on from planet Earth. He is at heart an alien to this world and longs for a sense of family, of home. But what he continually reminds himself is that he can only truly feel at home when he's serving those who need him. He takes in a deep breath of air, much clearer than the condensing smog below, as the rising sun shines its rays on him, reflecting off the "S" symbol on his chest. He remembers there is power and beauty in the Universe that can never be touched by petty thieves and cunning supervillains. He closes his eyes and for a moment is one with the warmth and light of the sun.

But his reverie is cut short by a scream picked up by his super sensitive ears. He opens his eyes and scans the city below. Far in the distance he sees a woman being mugged by a pair of desperate and tattered men with knives. He sighs and sets his resolve as the need arises within him to assist. "I can never sit idle so long as this awakening world needs me," he thinks to himself. "I am, after all, Superman."

A flock of startled pigeons take flight as Superman launches to the rescue at supersonic speed.

The Aquarian New Moon — exact on Thursday January 30th at 3:38pm Central Time — is asking us to find the superhero within ourselves. It is even a so-called "Supermoon" because the moon is at perigee, or at its closest point to the Earth. Supermoons amplify the energy of the New Moon, giving more power to the intentions we set in response. In Aquarius, the intentions we're being asked to make are those that bring us in contact with our unique powers as individual souls.

Aquarius is the sign of self-realization, the continual reaching for our perfected self. As we awaken to our true nature and being, we then draw to us others who resonate with us, creating our "soul tribe." We find our perfect contribution, some power that we uniquely possess, and use it to help evolve the collective. When we have found our inner gifts and willingly offer them we have become our own superhero.

Superman is the consummate Aquarian because he knows himself, fully aware of his strengths and weaknesses, and uses his powers to help others. He lives by no code other than his own, even if he must go outside the law to do what is right. He is also an outsider (from another planet) made insider by his service to humanity. These are all Aquarian themes, but how do any of us become self-realized like Superman? How can we awaken to our own natural powers and gifts and apply them in service to our collective, community or tribe?

One of Aquarius's shadow elements is trauma, which often leads to another Aquarian shadow, the recalcitrant rebel. We all experience trauma at some point and most of us will take some time (years, decades, lifetimes) in rebel mode, blaming the status quo for our problems. But eventually we muster the courage and resolve to heal, moving through the trauma to re-connect with our center, and this healing journey awakens us to new awarenesses about ourselves. We then lose all blame and resentment naturally, because we realize why we experienced the trauma as the only avenue that would take us where we needed to go. As always, the perspective on your wounds is yours to take — are you a victim of someone else's bad behavior, or are you a willing participant in the evolution of your soul?

There's another important dynamic occurring with this New Moon. Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto, testing our faith in ourselves and our capacity to maintain optimism as we get through whatever difficulties we're currently going through. Venus retrograde is in conjunction with that Pluto, adding the relationship dimension, asking if we're negotiating power with integrity, or trying to manipulate power away from others, whether passively, aggressively or both. If the latter, it'll blow up in our faces, especially given that all of these planets are at square to the ruler of the new moon, Uranus in Aries. But Chiron at trine to Jupiter is telling us that these same difficulties are the focal points of our healing, and we can make great strides if we project the Aquarian strength and Jovian confidence to get us there.

Ultimately this New Moon wants you to go deep within and bring yourself closer to the divine gifts that await your discovery. Inside you is a treasure trove of talent, strength and love that you have only just begun to tap into. Follow yourself deeper in, feel the wounds that beckon you for resolution, and you will surely discover the Superman or Supermoon within, just waiting to save you.

Our Aquarian Hero

Our Aquarian Hero

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2 Responses to It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Supermoon!

  1. Julia says:

    MM Those last few lines are particularly nourishing. this is inspiring, and appropriate.
    I thought Venus moved out of retrograde? What’s up with that? Is it still in Capricorn?
    Thank you Brian for sharing these gifts.

    • Aries says:

      Thanks Julia. To be inspired “by” there must be something to be inspired “from”. Glad you liked the article. Venus is still retrograde in Cap., will be turning direct by tomorrow. Stationary on Pluto. Yikes. Listen to your partners! Stay warm.

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