Leo Full Moon 2014 — Be My Valentine…Dammit!

Snow Duck

Leo the...duck?

A young man walks up a hard winter hill, blanketed with snow. He stops to gently kick the corpse of a dead bird and curses the lingering cold. Looking up at the clouded sky, as white as the snow beneath his feet, he wonders when the relentless winter will finally relent. Time passes, and his mind wanders.

Then a ticklish sensation in his belly reminds him of why he's come out here. He hasn't seen his sweetheart in weeks and she's soon to arrive to meet him on the hill. He looks out ahead and sees her in the distance, trudging through snow towards him. His smile broadens and his feet pick up the pace to meet her.

The warmth created by their embrace fills him from the inside out. He launches into an excited tirade about his accomplishments and creative projects over the past weeks. The hardness of winter has created a craving for attention and recognition and she has become his target to get it. But of course she feels this craving as well and begins to feel frustration at not being recognized herself. Eventually she cuts in.

"Hey I exist here too, ya know!"

Momentarily confused by her sudden statement he stops and stammers. "Uh...well, yeah of course, I just–"

"You just wanna talk about yourself. This is what gets me, you're always wanting me to be dazzled by you but you hardly ever appreciate me for who I am."

"Hey that's not fair! What about the presents I give you? What about the poems I write for you?"

"Yep, more of you for me to be impressed by! Ooh, the great poet and gift king, allow me to lay at your feet so you can lavish me with more of your greatness!"

"Well what choice do I have, somebody in this relationship has to give of themselves! Like you ever create anything for me to appreciate in the first place!"

"What, I'm not good enough just as I am?!"

"Hey that's not what I mean, you're twisting my words."

"Maybe I wouldn't have to twist them if you'd–"


The couple's argument stops suddenly at this unexpected interruption. They look ahead and see a duck, its colored body contrasted with the surrounding snow. The duck is looking at them as if they're the strangest thing she's ever seen. Their argument suddenly feels completely ridiculous and they both break out in laughter. The couple kiss and walk away arm in arm, forgetting for now that neither of them really feels seen by the other.

The duck, realizing these humans aren't going to offer her any bread, waddles away, back to her nest, to warm her freezing and hungry ducklings. In whatever way a duck is able, she thinks to herself that winter is hard for each of us in our own way, and it's up to us to find whatever light and warmth we can from whatever sun shines upon or within us.

We have arrived at the Leo Full Moon, exact at 5:54pm Central Time on Friday February 14th. Coinciding with Valentine's Day, this Full Moon wants to show us how well we balance sharing of ourselves with appreciating the sharing of those we love. If we hog the spotlight too much, or let others take it too much, we will see the fruits of our imbalance now. But if we keep a good general balance of shining our light while loving the lights shined by others, this full moon can illuminate our souls in a very special way.

Lions at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia

Lions at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia

It's also a bit of a fiercer full moon than usual. The Sun/Moon axis creates a fixed t-square with Saturn in Scorpio, which tests our ability to put our dark shit into the creative light. Think of the performance artist unabashedly showing off her sexuality, darkness and ugliness on stage and you get the idea. We certainly don't have to be on stage to express our shit, but if we're locking it all down, trying to appear light and innocuous, if we over-focus our attention on bliss and love, then we can trip on our own pretentiousness and fall on our faces in feces.

The key factor to bring in here is Taurus. Create a comfortable environment that is pleasing and cultivates trust. Visit a good friend, go somewhere cozy and comfy, and allow the dark emotions to come through in a story or a song or a visceral poem. Or just make loud guttural sounds until you break out howling and laughing. It's okay, we all got garbage inside needing to be let out.

Of course Mercury is still retrograde, asking us to review how our thoughts align with (or mess up) our reality. Pay attention to any setbacks for the lessons they teach you about freeing yourself from your own inner oppression. Conjunct the Sun, we want to be sure our minds and hearts are connected in service, which lights up our inner creative genius.

Adding to the mix is a cardinal t-square between Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. Can you hear us all shouting? Free me from oppression! Free me from winter! Free me from taxes! Free me from boredom! The key here is Libra, which is seeing some activity with Mars there at sextile/trine to the Moon/Sun axis. That's good news, as Mars rules Uranus, and this helps us flow our creative energies in harmony with our loved ones during this time. If, that is, we're not hoarding the love for ourselves in our demand for the spotlight.

Get the picture? You're a special divine light, as is your lover, your friends, your parents, your boss, your president, even your inner demons. Love all equally as we are all equally lovable. Then watch the Full Moon fireworks fly.

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8 Responses to Leo Full Moon 2014 — Be My Valentine…Dammit!

  1. Julia says:

    I enjoy your writing here Brian! I’ve been feeling a lot of this the last few days. And I like that ducks can represent Leo and I’m familiar with their ducky-ness, like the bewildered expression you describe, whereas I have not lived among lions recently. Definitely feeling the fierceness, and senses are heightened.

    • Aries says:

      Hey Julia, glad you like the writing. The duck came to me intuitively, and I suppose we could link the duck totem to Leo in the sense of the duck’s pride. At least to me ducks seem to be proud of themselves. Quack, dammit. Enjoy your full moon activities!

    • Aries says:

      Thanks Marie, I’m glad you like the article. Perspective is so important, especially during Mercury retrograde, when we’re seeking alternative perspectives to align our minds with our needs and goals. All the best to you.

  2. Laura Reagan says:

    Hi Brian! I thought your story about the winter and recognition issues and getting sunshine where you can really resonated with me. Thanks!

    • Aries says:

      Glad to hear it Laura. Leo is very much about recognition and the need to be seen. In healthy balance, the sense of being recognized for one’s specialness leads to a generous giving of recognition to others. Thanks for commenting!

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