Pisces New Moon 2014 – Dream a Little Big Dream

Underwater Dreams

Underwater Dreams by Katerina Bodrunova

Floating in water under a black sky. Been stranded on this lifeboat for God knows how long. Feeling the tense anticipation of something coming, unsure what or from where. Below or above? Or maybe within? Anxious now as the waters are bubbling. Can just make out a widening shadow beneath the surface. Good God it's huge! Boat is beginning to spin, being pulled into a whirlpool. Panicking now, but with nothing to grip. Is this the end?

Spinning and spinning, mind losing all focus. Whatever visible shapes and shadows the eye can make out are swirling into a unified blob. Head is reeling in dizziness while the panicked animal inside is giving up. I surrender and something like peace lifts my heart from within.

Yellow light suddenly fills the raging whirlpool that now rises into the sky. Bioluminescence radiating from a massive sea creature fills the field of view, so bright and beautiful the eyes ache and burn to take it in. A ferocious roar fills the ears. The senses are saturated — spinning, blinding, deafening — the mind gives up trying to grasp it all, and the blur takes on a new definition. Just as it all is about to make a new kind of sense, giant jaws snap shut, the light goes out, the roar stops, everything is still and quiet. This shock is the most intense of all. Utterly lost in the silent dark, I scream.

"Hey, c'mon! Wake up!"

Disoriented and shaking, you open your eyes and take in your bedroom. You're sitting up and someone is stroking your arm. Turning to your left you see your partner looking at you with concern.

"What kind of dream was that? You were screaming."

Your mind still slightly dreamy, unfettered by mental filters, a truth rises up from deep within, lighting up your inner vision. Speaking with an unusual sense of certainty, you take your partner's hand and announce: "This relationship is over. I'm sorry. Goodbye."

The Pisces New Moon (March 1st at 2am Central Time) opens us to the universal dream of life, of which we are all participants and products. Are you the dreamer or the dream? The answer, like the Pisces fish, is a tad slippery: Sometimes one, sometimes the other, and always both.

The terror that arises from Pisces comes from the knowing that we we are all being swallowed and dissolved by the jaws of the great whale of life and death. The promise of Pisces is that by surrendering to our fate we can find unification with that which is eternal. This is part of the meaning of the symbol of Pisces as two fish swimming in opposite directions — one direction is the upstream establishment of the self, the other is the downstream surrender through the currents of life to the turnstile of death. Knowing when and how to flow in either or both directions is the mystery Pisces is seeking to unravel.

With the Uranus/Pluto square heating up, asking us, no, encouraging us, no, forcing us to purge that which holds us back from being truly free, we may be feeling spiritually exhausted from all the work. Mercury just turned direct and for many the retrograde was a rough three weeks. Hopefully we have learned from the lessons, gaining more insight into how our thoughts create, align with or mess up our reality. Now with the New Moon we are being asked to commit what we've learned to our spiritual path. The Sabian degree of this New Moon offers us a nice clue:


The capacity inherent in any individual to seek at whatever cost entrance to a transcendent realm of reality.

Spiritual seeking is the primary theme here, combined with the idea that we are dissolving old energies — emotions, behavior patterns, thoughts, beliefs, etc. — for the purpose of cleansing our minds (Mercury direct in Aquarius) and freeing our souls (Uranus/Pluto). A good meditation for this New Moon (still active for the next couple of days) is to bring into yourself any of the issues that have come up this year, take them down to the center of the Earth and offer them to Spirit. This allows their energy to return in a new and higher form. Remember to always take the energy in and down, do not try to sever it or push it away.

We're given a great boost with Jupiter nearing stationary at 10º Cancer, an exact trine to the New Moon. The sense is that with all the work we've done, we're feeling an underlying enthusiasm that it's all going to pay off. Keep yourself walking your path towards illumination, for while it never ends and there is always work, it does get better. Even with each misstep or pushback, we are always being led to a higher spiritual vista.

The other big aspect occurring right now is Venus at square to Mars and the Lunar Nodes. We're still working with the last vestiges of energies from the Nodes being in Scorpio/Taurus, where we were purging former allies who are no longer serving our evolutionary growth. The Venus square signifies the clearing of whatever conflicts or unresolved issues may still linger. It is also vitally important during this time to not make ourselves superior or inferior to anyone else. We must walk our line of integrity and balance, offering ourselves when appropriate, while equally importantly knowing when to say "no" — especially, like our illuminated dreamer above, when it's time to break it off.

Finally, the rising degree of this New Moon gives us a good clue into its purpose and strategy. For 19º Sagittarius (20º Sabian):


The foresighted use of natural resources to supply future human needs.

After all the drama and pain, all the revelations through spiritual work, we have come to this point where we are ready to dissolve a significant piece of our past, freeing our souls from old bonds and opening us to the work of cultivating new resources. We are not quite ready to harvest, but we can start "cutting the ice from the pond," putting the frozen aspects of our past to use for a better future, where the past melts into refreshingly cool and flowing water.

Put simply: The future is now yours to dream.


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2 Responses to Pisces New Moon 2014 – Dream a Little Big Dream

  1. Julia says:

    i swam through a lot of weirdness and absurdity today! And I’m dizzy quite often since yesterday! Presence practices have really, really supported me through chaotic days like today, though occasionally the emotion gets pretty engaging and then I see the drain, and then i see… period. I’m cutting some ice from the pond! :)

    • Aries says:

      Good for you Julia. Presence is a key word for Pisces. You see the Pi-Sees – Seeing the circles as they come from and then back around to you.

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