Capricorn Full Moon 2014 – Grow Up to Break Free

Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn Full Moon

A mother and father sit across from each other, both slumped in exhausted dejection after another fight with their rebellious son, who sits at a right angle between them, fidgeting with his nose ring. No matter what his parents say, whether asserting authority or attempting to relate, they are always met with a scathing battle.

Anticipating his parents' next attempt to connect, the boy rises and proclaims "You know what, this is bogus. I don't have to sit here and listen to you." He stomps out of the room to his bedroom, slams the door and drowns out the voice of his own heart by cranking up a loud bray of fast, angry music.

The parents look up at each other and in a teary eyed connection are unsure whether to break out crying or laughing. It all seems so absurd, the dramatic conflicts between children and parents. The parents realize the angry battles and mock rejections are actually expressions of love coming through misunderstanding of their origin. In a mature understanding of this truth, the parents arise and embrace, falling into love for each other and their self-exploring child, even as he thumbs his nose at them from behind a locked door, drowning in anger at separating himself from what he truly desires in order to get to the bottom of who he really is.

The Capricorn Full Moon, exact at 6:26am Central Time on July 12th, shows us where we're at in our journey towards emotional maturity. It can be a time where our commitments to responsibility are tested, triggering old childish emotional patterns that yell at us "but I don't want to!" We may need to be a parent to ourselves by firmly and lovingly putting ourselves not where we want to be but where we must be.

We may also find our tendencies toward being a cold taskmaster revealed to us, perhaps in the form of a dominant boss or some other authority taking the role of taskmaster over us. The point of the Capricorn Full Moon is to help us in our journey towards claiming and rising into our own authority, which requires a certain measure of maturity, responsibility and discipline. But as always, if we take it too far, we then must relax the goal-oriented energy and settle into our emotions, checking in with how we feel lest we become too stern in rejecting our emotional needs.

Added to this full moon is a t-square to Uranus in Aries, the geometry of which is reflected in our mythological family above. The Capricorn Moon and Cancer Sun are like the parents, with the Uranian rebel child in the middle, demanding that life change according to his terms. What we can be faced with is the frustrated desire to be liberated from whatever conditions make us feel trapped. We may react by angrily pushing away the sources of our guidance and nourishing — Capricorn and Cancer — with the mistaken belief that those sources are actually what's trapping us. My job is stifling me! The government is oppressing me! The corporations are ripping me off! But the trap, as always, is within us when we don't see that the job pays the bills, the government keeps the roads paved and the corporations provide the goods and services we use daily. The point is not to ignore injustice but to see it in the context of reality, balanced with the good and within the greater justice of the Universe. In other words, you cannot change the outer world if your inner perceptions are misguided.

This full moon comes just a few days prior to three important astrological shifts: the final passing of Mercury through its retrograde path, the shift of Saturn from retrograde to direct and the entrance of Jupiter into Leo. All three of these shifts represent forward motion. It's as if this full moon is a final checkin to make sure all of our ducks are in a row before we launch into a more outward energy of creativity, that will culminate in a grand fire trine in October.

For now, embrace the mother and father inside as you hold space for the child seeking its ideals from within its own precious imperfections. The family inside you is the key to your liberation. Allow the spats to flare up, engage in the interests of all sides, all the while bringing unconditional love to the table. That is the path to freedom this full moon wants you to see.

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  1. Sharyl says:

    Well, well, another great article. One that embaces equality so beautifully. Seeing our sameness rather than our differenes always aides in greater connection and ultimately LOVE. Blessings!

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