Aquarius Full Moon 2014 – Warring for Freedom


An exploding cannon shell sends a Revolutionary War captain flying from his horse. Momentarily disoriented, the ringing of his ears filling his head, he tries desperately to find his center of gravity as he stumbles forward. Musket fire wings and whines past him as he clumsily runs towards the relative safety of an embankment. He slams himself low against the earth, shoulder to shoulder with a fellow rebel, a worn out private from the ranks.

"Looks bad for us sir!," calls the private over the guns, horses and screams.

"Looks bad doesn't mean lost, private." The Captain removes his musket and gunpowder and begins to reload. "But since we're not likely to survive the day, tell me something true: why did you join this bloody war?"

"To be honest sir, it wasn't for General Washington's ideals of freedom and country. I'm just tired of sharing my family's home with bastard red coats and I figured being a soldier would not only get them outta my bed but maybe earn me some respect and a little pay."

"Didn't you think about what would happen if you die?"

The private shrugs indifferently. "Can't be much harder than what'll happen if I live."

He takes a moment to peek over the embankment then settles back down and addresses the captain. "Before we go over sir, I'd like to say one more thing. War means different things to different people. To some it's about glory, to some it's about politics, to a few it's about honor. But to most of us it's about personal survival. I can't give a shit about Washington's high and mighty ideals of the future. Free country? What the bloody hell is that? All most of us dead or dying soldiers care about is a little more freedom for ourselves."

The captain grips the private's shoulder, looks him earnestly in the eyes and says, "Then with enough of us we just might earn freedom for all."

Another explosion pierces the air over the top of the embankment. Both men suddenly feel moved by an unnameable force of faith, a force that cares nothing for death. They gird themselves for battle and on the captain's signal they charge out of the embankment, into the mist of gunpowder smoke, feeling utterly liberated to meet whatever their destinies will make or take from their lives.

This Aquarius Full Moon — exact at 1:10PM Central Time August 10th — wants you to find liberation in the struggle. In order to be free we must discover and define who and what we are as differentiated from the rest, and to do that we must, occasionally, go to war. This is a ripe full moon for arguments to break out, for disagreements to come to a head. Why? Because without them you would have less understanding of yourself and become impotent in utilizing your power for service. By resolving the disagreements you help everyone involved grow and discover a little more of their own freedom.

The ruler of this full moon, Uranus, is in Aries, at a sextile to the Moon and trine to the Sun. Here we find an abundance of self-inflation and the unquenchable desire to break free — from relationships, from health woes, from society, and most of all, from our own limitations. But the ruler of Uranus, Mars, is in Scorpio, adding a fierce sting to the process. Are you the stinger or the stingee, or both? With Saturn in Scorpio at a square to the Moon and Sun, the message is this: If you want to be free, you must walk your line of personal integrity, throwing off the attachments — be they physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual or otherwise — that are the real reason you feel trapped. This might mean stinging, or metaphorically killing and transforming, energies of entrapment in yourself or others.

Even the Sabian Symbol for this full moon has a quality of fierceness to it:


The skill and courage necessary to bring under control the destructive potential of carelessness of karmic "visitations."

We might have to heave some heavy energy to test our mettle, to show our strength, so that we can demonstrate to ourselves and the world that we have what it takes to create a better future. Do not rue the challenges that may come up during this time for they constitute a kind of whetstone for your soul, material that sharpens your focus for the good of all.

The soldiers in the story above represent our choice to walk the fiercest possible path towards freedom. When we understand that freedom does not equate to effortlessness or always getting what we want, then we might begin to realize that real freedom comes through the embracing of our destiny, saying yes to our struggles and limitations. By getting to know our struggles we get to know ourselves better, and this naturally leads us to making choices better suited to our nature and thus our future, choices that generate ever greater freedom in the possibilities life is continually offering us.

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4 Responses to Aquarius Full Moon 2014 – Warring for Freedom

  1. Julia G says:

    Excellent article! I have thoroughly explored and experienced all you describe here this weekend!
    When is your Revolutionary War novel coming out?

    • Aries says:

      Glad you enjoyed the article, Julia. I’d have to learn a bit about history before writing such a novel. But as for the characters, I think I could channel them. We’re all fighting our battles for freedom. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Sacelli says:

    I second Julia’s comment; waiting for the book. Always such an interesting topic, to try to discern how we make choices based on perception of ourselves as individuals vs. cells of a larger entity.

  3. Prashanti says:

    As always, Brian, You’ve captured my attention and deeper insights have emerged as a result not only from the cosmos of meditation but also from your sharing. I Thank You for that. On to the next level…

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