Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio/Libra – Commitment to Listening

Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Libra

Mercury has just turned retrograde (Rx) this afternoon, October 4th, in the early degrees of Scorpio. In a few days Mercury will move back into Libra, where it was throughout September, and continue its reverse transit until October 25th. It will finally leave its retrograde path on November 10th.

The shift from Scorpio back to Libra symbolizes a review of our choices around who we decide to commit ourselves to. The time in Scorpio may find us reflecting on our commitments in general, and then the shift to Libra brings our relationships into the mix. The commitments we may be looking at start with our commitment to life itself. How well are we doing in providing for our survival? Are any of our addictions or attachments keeping us from living our lives fully? Scorpio wants us to feel every moment of life to the fullest, experiencing pain and joy as equal sides to the same ecstatic coin.

If we feel generally okay about these things then our questions turn to things like, is it time to start that business, get engaged to that partner, purchase that new car or computer (do you really need it?), start the healing process with a parent or child, begin releasing some emotional pain, finally grieve that lost loved one?

Of course, we might be trying to ignore the questions Mercury Rx is raising, which is what results in the infamous disasters Mercury Rx is known for. As Mercury transits back into Libra, the focus will be on relationships, and this can bring conflicts of miscommunication. It's an important time to listen carefully to your partners and objectively hear and respond to their needs. If we are caught in any self-centered action, giving or withholding from others based solely on our own egocentric desires, then we can find ourselves derailed. Getting back on track will require a clear apology and re-attempt at listening better.

As always with Mercury retrograde, if we attend to its lessons then we have the chance to learn a great deal from the process, empowering us with earned wisdom that will enhance our future. Mercury represents communication (more precisely said, perceiving) but it also represents learning, and wherever this retrograde falls in your chart is where you're likely to be receiving lessons in perceiving something objectively. For example, if this Libra Mercury Rx is in your 4th house, then your lesson has to do with listening to emotions, your own as well as others'. In the 9th, the lesson centers around sifting the truth out of the non-essential information people are giving you. In the 8th, you may be coming to terms with grief, whether yours or a close partners', or learning how to manage sexual boundaries.

This retrograde period comes in the midst of an applying Grand Fire Trine between Mars in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo. This is quite a potent mix of energies, offering us the chance to shine in our creativity and personal quests, perhaps take off in crazy adventures that teach us something new about the world and ourselves. Just as easily, though, this energy can burn us out if we over-commit (one of the issues Mercury Rx may be asking us to look at) or, if we don't activate our inner fire and we stay put in laziness or fear, then this energy can release itself toxically into our physical and emotional bodies. It's an important time to be socially and physically active, even if (especially if) Mercury Rx is testing us in our social interactions.

This Mercury Rx's primary ruler, Venus, will also be in Libra throughout most of the retrograde process, as will the Sun. Once again, relationships are the focus, as we are being asked to listen and to empathize by dropping the barriers we erect that block others from our deeper, more vulnerable places. We must be tapped into our own vulnerability to be able to hear and respond to the vulnerabilities of others, and by doing so we greatly enrich our relationships.

The overall energy for the next few weeks suggests that by doing the work of listening and responding, we can ignite the fires that will launch us into creative adventure. There's play, laughter, tears and deep learning to be had if we follow the guidance, blessing us with a last hurrah that will emotionally prepare us for the long winter months ahead.

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