Samhain 2014 – Love and Death

Samhain, by Linda Rae

Samhain, by Linda Rae

It is the time of Samhain as we sail into the twilight of the year. The veil of Spirit has thinned, giving us access to aspects of consciousness that are normally closed off to us. It is a potent time, rife with energies crossing over various inter-dimensional barriers. If we’re not careful, we could fall in, snared by the temptations of non-corporeal power. Or if we’re running a tight energetic ship, we can find ourselves on an ecstatic spiritual adventure.

We have just begun getting our feet wet in the waters of Scorpio, with the Sun and Venus newly entered in that sign crossing precisely over the Samhain 7th house cusp. Scorpio rules the mysteries of the dead, and the Sun/Venus conjunction is inviting us to merge with, relate to, even have sex with, the spirits that beckon us. Our challenge is to feel into the seductive call while maintaining our presence here on Earth, keeping our feet firmly on the ground. But we are well prepared for this, since Saturn has been in the sign of Scorpio for about two years, giving us the challenging lessons we’ve needed to let go of attachments, clean up our karmic illusions and find our personal power through the disciplined transformation of our deeper emotional energies. To the degree we’ve integrated Saturn’s lessons of impeccability, we will have the commensurate ability to reach through the depths of our own souls to touch the souls of the non-physical beings — angels, fairies, guides, ancestors — who call to us from beyond.

Venus is a key planet for this year's Samhain since she also rules the Ascendant of the Samhain chart (10 degrees Taurus). The Sabian Symbol for the Ascendant degree tells us something about the overall theme of the chart. The symbol is "a woman watering flowers in her garden," suggesting that as we delve into the spiritual dimensions, whether in reverence to our ancestors or in a fun spooky costume, we must remember to take care of the delicacies of life. Life is fragile for us and all other beings and it is with caring focus and delight in the nourishment of others that we can make the most of this day.

Venus's placement on the 7th house cusp (her natural house) tells us that we may feel a magnetic pull towards deeper emotional and/or sexual relationships, be they with lovers, close friends, family, ourselves or even the departed. Our connections may be brought to ecstasy or destruction (or both!), and her ruler, Pluto in Capricorn, links our relationships to the renewal of the structures that support our lives. Meanwhile, Mars in Capricorn is telling us we might have to sit with our anger for a while, until the time is right to use it in service.

Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, Sun and Saturn in Scorpio, these planets are asking: can you feel into anger, grief and intense desire, and hold a stable container for it? Can you allow the energy to heat up inside you until it burns, digests, and alchemically transforms emotional sludge into spiritual power? Scorpio/Pluto rules the dark unconscious, Capricorn/Saturn rules the structure of form that we give it. We can focus our attention cultivating and giving form to our spiritual power or we can obsess over our jealousy and fear, which will undoubtedly also manifest in form, as our darker intentions disguised as fate.

Whatever challenges we might be facing during this time, the Aquarius Moon opposing Jupiter in Leo cautions us against separating from the problem by over-inflating our egos. Pretending we're fine when we're not, or taking extra credit for solving a problem that hasn't really been solved, will end in a crash of feeling our bubble burst. But if we have been exerting our creative energies in service to our tribe then we can find ourselves being duly and enthusiastically appreciated for the real contributions we have made.

Uranus in Aries in the 12th house is our gateway to the heavens through our higher self. The future is calling, asking us to find freedom in the surrender to our circumstances, to see in their nature the nature of ourselves, which gives us the insight to discover new choices that reflect new and higher possibilities. It is a time to dream our future and, if we allow it, receive visions of a liberated planet.

All in all this Samhain portends depths, heights and powerful dreaming if we activate our vitality in service to the season. Don your costumes, proudly make your entrance into the netherworlds, pay humble tithings to your guides and ancestors, but as you do remember to keep with you a memento of Earth so that as you journey you maintain a link back to hearth and home. Have fun with eyes open and heart joyful! See you on the other side...

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  1. Eric M says:

    “the future is calling , asking us to find freedom in the surrender to our circumstances.” Yes! that and “stable containers.” super resonant.

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