Gemini New Moon 2015 – Yell Fire!

Yell Fire

"Listen to ME!"

Words are power. What we say shapes our experience, usually more than we realize moment to moment. When we are angry, our words may be uttered with a great force of will, their power heightened by aggression. If our rage is blind, our words will destroy without prejudice. But if we focus anger into conscious purpose, our words can move inner and outer mountains in an instant.

This is the essential lesson of the Gemini New Moon, exact at 9:07AM on Tuesday June 16th. It is at a close conjunction with Mars, suggesting our frustrations with communication, or lack thereof, are in focus. If we do not speak because we fear being powerful then we will breed resentment. If we blurt out our anger uncontrollably, we will have something to atone for later. Either way, we've wasted our energy.

Mars in Gemini can be difficult because it requires Geminian mental awareness of what is pre-aware, or instinctual (Mars). How many times have you found angry words bursting through your lips before you were even aware of what you were saying? This New Moon tasks us with stopping and taking a moment to think before we speak, but without stalling from overthinking. We must be sharp and direct, while thoughtful and clear, so we can satisfy the true Mars in Gemini desire: to enjoy the sampling of everything.

So ask yourself: What are you really angry about? Is it another person that you blame for your troubles, or is it really about a false sense of powerlessness? Responsibility to our experience is the key. Saturn has just dipped back into Scorpio, giving us one last look at the jealousies, obsessions and fears that still dog us. Wherever we're still out of integrity is where we can receive the strongest, most challenging lessons. But where we are cleaned up, truly owning our flaws and working to improve them, we get to be the voice of truth that calls out the BS in others. Wanna rage against the machine, call out the liars and manipulators in the system? Go for it! But be sure you're calling out your own deceptions with a willingness to make amends for past mistakes. The cleaner you are in your own motivations the more powerful your words against prevailing injustice will be.

The New Moon is ruled by Mercury, which is also in its home sign of Gemini and recently turned direct after a three week retrograde period. This hints at the coming weeks having a theme of our needing to speak up, relative to our security needs, to resolve whatever came up during the retrograde period. Arguments, car accidents and the like are wake up calls to get us out of our spinning heads, to see the unconscious ways we think and speak that create problems. If we've kept our focus on cleaning up our minds (thoughts, words, resolve), this New Moon and following Mercury-shadow time can see us tying up a lot of loose ends, and getting some good relief from that.

The New Moon/Mars stellium is at an interesting t-square with Lilith in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces. In my experience these two planets in transit tend to work subtly, under the surface, with the potential to alter us in powerful ways when we're ready to consciously work with them. Look for undercurrents of sexual/spiritual martyrdom, perhaps succumbing to sexual guilt or believing in the delusion that you are inherently worthless, born of sin. The power that is available here is in humility to our dark side while surrendering its consequent wounds to the gods for healing. The energy is tantric — be honest about the hidden dimensions of your desire, then seek a spiritual healing purpose for that desire energy. An example would be mediating on having tantric sex with God/Goddess. But sometimes simply being humbly open about our darker unspoken natures — desires for power and control, incessant sexual fantasies, inconsolable fears — can be profoundly healing, especially when we realize everybody's got 'em.

On a more playful note, Jupiter in Leo trining Uranus in Aries can blast us off in new creative directions this summer, and if we're lucky we'll find ourselves exploding in stratospheric ecstasy. By keeping a cool emotional grounding, stabilized by conscious and uplifting communication, we'll easily parachute back down to earth, rather than crash. Enjoy the ride as much as the homecoming.

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