Aquarius Full Moon 2015 – The Objective Subject

Art by Josephine Wall.

Aquarius by Josephine Wall.

Aquarius is famous for being aloof, seeming to be above it all, not out of a sense of superiority but because it prefers the birds eye view of things. Aquarius stands back, looks at things objectively, and admonishes anyone who takes anything personally. "Get over yourself" is a distinctly Aquarian slogan.

The traditional key phrase for Aquarius is "I Know." But what is knowledge? What can we really know? Aquarius is the symbol of modern science, which relies on innovative thinking to advance technology, ostensibly for the social good. But like everything else, innovation evolves, and humanity needs to start asking itself if objective empirical data alone can actually lead you to truly know something. Is water defined merely by its chemical composition? Can we only know an animal by way of dissecting it, physically or behaviorally? Or are there deeper dimensions of knowledge that can only be accessed by going inward instead of outward?

The antidote to imbalance with any sign is to invoke the qualities of the opposite sign. For Aquarius to evolve it must take in qualities of Leo, to realize itself as the subjective lens through which it experiences and expresses itself. When you bring Aquarius and Leo into balance, the key phrase becomes "I Know Myself." Then we begin to see an unfolding of the evolution of the Aquarius archetype: The deeper we understand our inner nature the deeper we can understand the nature of everything else. And that nature is boundless, we can never come into a full understanding of who or what we are. But we can come to a deep enough understanding that we attain a self fulfilled crafting of our destiny by way of the expression and utilization of our distinct talents and gifts. This is what is meant by life purpose, realizing our place in service to the collective. Part of this realization comes through understanding that we serve best when we can be uniquely ourselves, not when we conform.

Now that we are in the midst of the Aquarius Full Moon — exact at 5:45am today, July 31st — we are being asked to take a step back and see where we may have missed the mark because we've been too attached to outdated ways of thinking. Or the inverse, maybe we're trying too hard to rebel, thus finding no common ground. But don't stand so far back you lose your personal focus. How has everything you've experienced in your life up to this point helped you understand yourself more deeply? How has deeper self awareness helped you connect to others? Community is not something externally imposed — the business community, the LGBT community, the Burner community, the academic community, the spiritual community — it's something you create as you live your life and come into contact with those of like mind and heart. They may crisscross cultures and barriers of various kinds, but the hub that links them is you.

As we head into the Aquarian Age we are collectively breaking new ground. New ideas are needed and they must break through the established biases of modern thinking. During this Full Moon time, check in with yourself and ask yourself what new ideas are in you, just waiting to be realized, that can revolutionize your life. Be bold in sharing and experimenting with others. This is the way to become the hero of your own story.

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