Scorpio New Moon 2015 – The Dark Dive

Scorpius as depicted in Urania's Mirror, a set of constellation cards published in London c.1825.

Scorpius as depicted in Urania's Mirror, a set of constellation cards published in London c.1825.

Scorpio is known for a lot of things — demanding, sexy, powerful, mysterious, possessive, passionate, intense — but the essence of what underlies all of Scorpio's qualities is the desire to feel as utterly alive as possible. To be one with the ecstatic flow and undulations of life, which requires going into the absolute depths of experience to eliminate fear, addiction and malice. And yet it is precisely those negative qualities that can become so fierce in Scorpio when it forgets that it is still human, with all its limitations, unable to have it all until it learns to take the process slow, that what it desires will come, but in time.

When the New Moon occurs in Scorpio — here in Chicago at 11:47am on Wednesday November 11th — we are all invited to see this aspect of ourselves. Where do you seek out intensity? In what ways do you feel jealous or irate because of a limitation that keeps some object of your desire out of your reach? Where do you find a flow of ecstatic experience, earned through a trial that forced you to expand beyond prior limitations? Where might you be avoiding such a trial? The Scorpio New Moon may be asking you to look deeply into yourself while surrendering your wants and any consequent resistances to Spirit, so that what you need can flourish into what you desire.

This New Moon is joined by Mercury, giving us a stellium in this sign of mystery and power. The presence of the divine messenger Mercury with the Sun and Moon brings our mental awareness into the picture, suggesting that, like Mercury, we can ferry ourselves into the Scorpio underworld and see perhaps more objectively than usual what's really going on in our deeper emotional nature, and use the power of our words to speak new intentions towards improving our lives.

Other important aspects of this New Moon chart includes Saturn in Sagittarius, which has begun a collective test of how well we speak our truth and how our beliefs — in God, the political system, the nation, ourselves — actually hold up in the realm of reality. Saturn's applying square to Neptune implies a bubbling to the surface of delusions that may seem initially to have validity but will soon pop in the face of consequences. For the next couple of years we may be challenged to stand up for truth, so take this New Moon time to look deeply at what truths are most vital and important to you.

Relationships are also up with Venus's recent ingress into Libra while still in new phase conjunction with Mars at the last degree of Virgo. We may be seeing to the final details of something important to us, particularly with respect to relationships. The North Node in between these planets suggests this is a collective job, we are all cleaning up what we can with others so we can get on with cleaning up ourselves when the North Node enters Virgo later Wednesday evening, transiting there for the next 18 months (though the Libra theme will stick with us for a while).

When our lives get too rigid, too locked in, because of our fears of insecurity and the unknown, Scorpio (and its ruling planets Pluto and Mars) will tend to knock us down so we can become fluid and open again. Scorpio isn't concerned with petty, transient losses or crises of identity. Scorpio wants to feel alive now. Indeed, the very nature of loss, a common Scorpio experience, is to break us of our habit of identification with external forms so we can re-seat ourselves in the ecstatic union of the wondrous life force that powers and animates the Universe itself. Are we really that powerful? That beautiful? That astonishing? Scorpio says hell yes, and we haven't even begun to see how wide and deep it goes. But don't be in a rush — there's plenty of Universe to enjoy here and now.

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4 Responses to Scorpio New Moon 2015 – The Dark Dive

  1. despoina says:

    Very good!
    To the point!
    with softness and tenderness, especially. the way you end your article!
    Inspirational close of the circle!
    thank you!


    years ago, anout 2000 i had an experience .
    I left everything i was doing, and begin with a suitcase.!!

    I asked my self ” for whom i live my life!
    I stop yoga, classes of selfemprovment ect…
    and after years i realize that i found my self!
    Everything. was very simple suddenly!
    I stoped thinking.
    I stoped from o job good payeded but not feeling good.
    But it was the time tha i was feeling like everything. sustaining. me.
    i was fearless.!!!
    no fear at all.

    about anything.

    and now…

    i have again…

    and the sock is stronger…
    because i have the experience. Of real me.
    Not for a moment…

    for a long time.

    and i know when i am not in center!!

    The first time i did not know that i had found my true self.
    It is like a child…

    and i don’t know i could find that again!!!!

    thank you

    • Aries says:

      Hi despoina. Sounds like you’re on quite the inner revolutionary journey! Uranus was conjunct Neptune in early Aquarius in 2000, so wherever that hits your chart it may reflect a sudden inner awakening. Glad you liked the article and thanks for commenting!

  2. Darkktur says:

    Hi Brian, looking forward to this new moon. I just noticed that the moon/sun sextile jupiter and these each quincunx uranus, forming a yod. Does that play out somehow? What about the jupiter chiron opposition? What new insights can we gain thru that ? Thanks

    • Aries says:

      Hi Fran, I’d say the energy does play out. My take is that we have an opportunity (Jupiter) to create liberation (Uranus) through the New Moon transformative work (Scorpio/Virgo). The sextile implies that we can leverage a willingness to let go of, or even destroy, some aspect of ourselves or our lives that is in our way, by way of focused effort. The goal in doing so is liberation, a greater degree of inner freedom, perhaps reflected in an outer release (from a bond, a contract, a sentence). We may have to get over our fears of change (Uranus quincunx Sun/Moon/Mercury) and humble our inner rebel to get the most out of the experience. Hope that helps, and thanks for commenting!

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