Aquarius New Moon 2016 – Freeing the Future

Aquarius, by Josephine Wall.

Aquarius, by Josephine Wall.

Aquarius teaches us about the importance of new ideas and ideals. When the status quo of Capricorn becomes too rigid in the ways of the old, Aquarius breaks in and establishes new modes, new rules, the seeds of new norms that will blossom into the structures that define the future. While Aquarius is needed to break apart outmoded Capricorn energy, what is Aquarian now will eventually become Capricorn later, ever demanding new Aquarian breakthroughs to revitalize the world.

Strong examples of Aquarius in action include the scientific breakthroughs of Albert Einstein, the musical breakthroughs of Beethoven and the Beatles, the political revolutions of the 1700s, and the social revolutions of the 1960s. Each of these examples represent the sudden shaking of an established order, a new vision thrust upon the world that either inspired or forced the world to change.

Whenever we have a new moon in Aquarius — exact at 8:40am Central Time on Monday February 8th — we are wanting to look into our future, to make new choices that will free us from whatever past chains still bind us. New insights may come to help us clarify the ideals that will shape us in times to come. Aquarius asks: In what ways can you bravely free your soul, bring more of your authentic uniqueness to light upon your life's stage? What brilliant ideas or visions are eagerly desiring to hatch from your mind? What parts of you feel trapped by social or societal expectations, begging to be freely expressed? Now's the time to look into your own heart and see if you can summon the courage to be more of who you are as an act of love to yourself and your community.

Adding a bit of stress to this new moon is a square to Mars in Scorpio. The dichotomy this creates is akin to wanting desperately to be free of something that is simultaneously desperately needed. But it is also a very powerful catalyst for deep change, if harnessed consciously without giving in to fear. We might feel chased by an attachment or fear that keeps us chained and powerless, but now is the time to turn and face it, become the stalker of that fear to find it and eat it, freeing ourselves by consciously integrating a piece of our shadow.

We currently have allies in our quest for greater authenticity. Venus in Capricorn trines Jupiter in Virgo, suggesting that we have partners willing to stand with us through the hard moments. We receive support greater than the measure that we give it. Meanwhile, Saturn in Sagittarius trines Uranus (both co-rulers of Aquarius), bringing sustainable rewards to our labor if we are honest about who we are.

An interesting note for this new moon chart here in (and around) Chicago — the house cusps all touch their natural sign rulers at zero degrees per sign. This is an extremely rare occurrence that suggests striking new directions may be opening for us. It's a time to be a leader of a new vision, even if that vision is leading yourself deep within for meditation and reflection. The suggestion is to be courageous in making new choices and to be bold in creating a new you. Results don't come immediately but you will receive the cues needed to take your next steps.

Wherever we are located, we are on a journey of bolder self expression, taking back our souls from an overly materialistic world as we collectively march into the Aquarian Age. Take a moment to look within and see if you can catch a glimpse of your future, exemplified by a fully empowered and fulfilled self, and know that even the smallest step forward ensures its arrival.

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3 Responses to Aquarius New Moon 2016 – Freeing the Future

  1. Wencke Braathen says:

    This is so beautifully expressed. I am an Aquarian. This is truly inspiring to read. Yes, the world is on its way to the new expression of the new consciousness. Sounds like we’re at point zero this very morning. How exciting!

  2. Sharyl says:

    Smiles dear one Brian, no one quite says it like you. Thank you for your brilliance. I loved each and every work. I have arrived home from a beautifully loving channeling as Siria Family addressed and spoke to a new group this past weekend in Iowa. The physical Beings that gathered around touched me in miraculous ways. They were so open, fearless and both they and Siria Family had such fun, laughter and love! But what surprised me and surprised me, was how I loved being in the country! I felt when I returned to the “Magic of Chicago”, a new space had been created inside of me. A space which now includes country life! Never…. would I have opened to that idea as someone who loves the city so much!
    And speaking of zero degrees, I may have that in my chart? Hmmm not sure, maybe something close, do not remember will have to give you my info. Love to you……

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