Pisces New Moon/Solar Eclipse: You are the Water, the Flow and the Surrender

Pisces Solar Eclipse - Artist Unknown

Pisces Solar Eclipse - Artist Unknown

The solar eclipse of March 8th, 2016 (7:55pm central time) comes with a heavy emphasis on the sign of Pisces, the sign of surrender, dissolution and unity. The Sun/Moon conjunction is there with the South Node, Chiron, Neptune and Mercury. Opposing the Sun/Moon/South Node grouping is a conjunction of Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, the sign of work, detailed focus and purity. Sitting right in between at a 90 degree angle to all of it is Saturn in Sagittarius, the sign of exploration and truth.

It's quite a complex that suggests a conflict of will with no-will. The Pisces side of us may wish to simply let go, to rest and relax in order to reset our brains and batteries while the Virgo side of us may get irritated with becoming too dreamy, preferring to focus on actively tying up loose ends. But Saturn is pulling the reins, reminding us that we cannot find peace until we are precise about living by our principles, willing to stand up for higher truth when called to action.

Jupiter in Virgo grants us a feeling of being blessed when we are balanced in tending to our duties without overdoing it. But it can also indicate a hyper-focus on the small imperfections, ballooning tiny anthills into enormous mountains. Linked with the Pisces transits, the challenge is for us to put the details of our lives into their right place, not too big, not too small. When we're living "just right" — not beyond our means but not so ascetic that we lose our joy — then we can feel a powerful flow of energy and events that puts us exactly where we need to be, when we need to be there. We must therefore be willing to give the timing of things to Spirit, to trust that a higher intelligence is at work with and within us. There is great joy to be found in that realization but it can take difficult passages through disillusionment to get there. It's during those passages when we must learn to surrender the most, as we must become free of our illusions of security and identity before we can be truly fully open to the power, wonder and vastness of our inner universe.

Saturn is our unwavering teacher of discipline and eventual mastery. Saturn never lets us off the hook (except when he gives Jupiter permission to party with us), but when we can groove with Saturn's process, we can indeed master our lives. With Saturn squaring the Pisces activity, we may have some serious illusions to dissolve, and this may come in the form of deeply held beliefs (religious, political, social, existential) on both a personal and collective level. In the United States, the political discourse has reached new levels of wild reactivity contrasted with a new kind of passion for supporting the working class. Donald Trump, whose natal chart is strongly impacted by this eclipse, seems to have taken the worst of human fear and lazy thinking to the highest level of visibility and potential actual public policy, invoking shockingly crass and violent ideals to stir up the masses. Meanwhile Sanders continues to promote an agenda favoring peaceful but strong and unconventional reform while Clinton tows the safe moderate party line. Saturn is testing all of it, and all of us, to see whether we can stand up for compassionate principle or kowtow to the loud, vulgar voices of hatred.

Saturn may, along with Jupiter, put us into situations that challenge our truth. The guidance from the dominant Pisces energy is to go with the waters of change and allow ourselves to change with it. This is the call to the spiritual warriors — as our old identities are dissolved the very power that dissolves us becomes our own power, and we become stronger than the weak forces of negativity that seek to dominate. Don't deny your nature. This eclipse is meant to remind you that you are a child of the Universe and have at your disposal a light that can dispel any darkness. Wielded wisely, the dark doesn't have a chance.

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