Gemini New Moon / Grand Cross: Move It and Gain It

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Artist Unknown

We have a rather momentous New Moon coming in the sign of Gemini on June 4th at 10:01pm Central Time. This New Moon occurs as part of a Mutable Grand Cross, which is an astrological configuration created by having one or more planets in each of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) at similar degrees. The Mutable Grand Cross is a powerful energy pattern that puts us in the center of great change and transition, clearing from our path whatever impedes our growth while requiring us to manage many shifting energies at once. It can be a busy, disorienting time, but an allowance of the process with a strong focus and resolute faith will see us through with great results.

The key advice is to keep things simple and stay flexible. We may have to change ourselves to adjust to what is changing in our outer world, be it physical resources, relationships, family or work demands or geographic location. Or we may have to adjust our outer life to match a new subjective awareness that is changing us from within, such as the release of old emotional baggage, old ways of thinking, belief systems or psychic energy fields. Either way, what we lose or receive is always in accordance with our highest growth, and the more we can move with the currents, the easier the process will be.

This Gemini New Moon includes a tight conjunction with Venus, which suggests that we are renewing our perceptions of others, taking in new points of view and altering how we think and communicate to accommodate the world around us. Ruled by Mercury in Taurus, we may still be working on how we perceive our relationship to material resources as an expression of our relationship to ourselves. If you're having money issues right now, you're being asked to look at how you either attach too much or too little importance to your physical needs. If you grip money too tightly, it'll slip through your fingers. But if you don't communicate and assert your value, others will over-demand from you. As always, a balance is being made. The question is never "how can I be more assertive or scheming to make money," it's "how can I better love and value myself and my needs so that no matter what my circumstance I am always secure in myself." When that inner security and love of self is strong, then we give ourselves the best chance of generating the material resources we need to thrive.

Opposing Saturn in Sagittarius, this New Moon may challenge us in adjusting our belief systems to align more closely with higher truth. Any belief that separates us from others will be challenged. We must learn to become more inclusive with our beliefs lest we find ourselves isolated by consequences of our own making. But if we are actively working to include others in our ventures, we can feel the exaltation of connection and the sharing of an adventurous life journey.

Jupiter in Virgo continues to remind us not to make mountains out of our molehills. It is still in grand trine with Pluto and Mercury, which tells us that by giving our fullest, deepest attention to whatever details we can realistically handle, we can trust that the remaining details will take care of themselves.

Neptune in her home sign of Pisces completes the Mutable Grand Cross, holding the divine space for us to surrender with total faith that Spirit loves us enough to care for every part of our life while dissolving the unconscious ego-based patterns that drive our life's painful illusions. Neptune in Pisces carries the challenge of dis-identifying with all forms, physical and psychological, to find the seat of our being as rooted in the flow of life itself. Therein lies true joy, connection and solution to all of life's frustrations.

Mutability implies transition. The mutable signs reflect the process of change that comes before cardinality, when we begin a new phase with leadership and self initiation. Transition must come to move us out of where we've been to get us to where we're going, and we can only take with us what is vital for the next phase. This is why mutable signs require the most surrender, with the understanding that true surrender includes taking action relative to where life is moving you without over-asserting your own agenda. Responding sensitively to what people and situations actually need from you is important. Let the rest fall away. You will eventually find yourself cleansed and whole, ready to take the reins of a new chapter of life's Great Journey.

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13 Responses to Gemini New Moon / Grand Cross: Move It and Gain It

  1. Prashanti says:

    As always, this was a great read. Than k you for the heads up as we approach this Saturdays new moon.

  2. Julia says:

    Thanks Brian! I’m feeling plenty of this. Lots I could say about it! I actually feel I have done some major learning about the money issues and in the last few weeks, money seems to be in flow. Always learning. I am really appreciating this: “Responding sensitively to what people and situations actually need from you is important. Let the rest fall away.”

  3. Wencke Braathen says:

    This was very informative. Now I’m curious what changes will present themselves. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  4. darkktur says:

    Thanks for helping to make sense of this transit. I’ve been feeling these energies a lot as they involve my angles and my sun. Been learning to be detached , yet focused on the big picture. Not easy for a double virgo,but very useful.

    • Aries says:

      Remember that Jupiter in Virgo also resonates with the idea “less is more.” Leave the unnecessary details to the gods. Hope it’s all going well for you!

  5. alleyne says:

    So concise & insightful…and so on point re issues I’m currently dealing with. I reread this every few days. It seems that the insights resonate deeper & deeper as I progress through grappling w/ issues, keeping this advice in mind.

    • Aries says:

      Glad it’s helpful for you Alleyne. So long as we are paying attention in the moment, regardless of how uncertain we may be, we will be guided to where we need to be. Hope the changes are moving you to a more stable, loving shore.

  6. Dawn Rae says:

    Hi, Brian.

    We met at NORWAC at dinner. I was sitting to the right of Gisele Terry. I’m the one merging the ancient wisdom of astrology with the cutting edge technology of EFT in an online course format. I spoke to you about eventually needing a website designed. At this point I’m still in process with the product but I wanted to touch base just to keep in touch.

    I’ll sign up for your newsletter so your name is frequently in front of me! I enjoyed reading your article; you are an excellent writer. Enjoy your weekend!


    • Aries says:

      Hi Dawn! I remember you, that was a fun dinner. Happy to discuss your project when you’re ready. Thanks for enjoying the newsletter and signing up!

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