Cancer New Moon 2016 – Feeling Together

CancerArt by Josephine Wall.

Art by Josephine Wall.

This year's Cancer New Moon occurs on Monday July 4th at 6:03am central time. As always, New Moons herald the start of a month long phase of emotional development, when emotions are symbolically hidden from view so that we can utilize our power of will (the light of the Sun) to help direct where our emotional development is taking us. When the sign is Cancer, the Moon's home sign, our focus is on family, home and history, the past conditions that have conditioned our current state.

This New Moon day is also Independence Day here in the USA, putting emphasis on the issue of the country's security. As Pluto marches to conjunction to the USA's natal Pluto (the country's "Pluto Return"), we are seeing appropriate issues arise with respect to the revealing of corruption in politics and infrastructure, and the erosion of freedoms out of fear of insecurity. If the USA wants to be a leader of a societal model of liberty and innovation (the USA's South Node in Aquarius, 1st house Uranus), it must confront the risk of attack by way of commitment to openness, rather than tightening its grip on itself. Embracing other cultures and beliefs can only make the country stronger.

To wit, the New Moon includes a wide conjunction to Venus, which is asking us to remember that being nurturing towards others, no matter how different a person or nation may be, is necessary for our security and well being. This requires that we share how we feel, even, and especially, if that feeling is vulnerable. If we are too protective of our emotions out of fearing their exposure then we become deadened to them and lose the richness and depth that a full emotional life offers. When an entire nation of people walls off their emotions in this way, that nation becomes hardened to the rest of the world, building borders and reinforcing self protective boundaries, cutting itself off from the boons of diversity and collective well being.

On a personal level, this New Moon can actually break us free momentarily from the bigger concerns of national security and world drama while softening any personal dramas. A truce between battling parties, or a deepening of more relaxed ties, is available to us through the recognition of our common needs.

With the Sun and Moon's trine to Neptune in Pisces and sextile to Jupiter in Virgo, we can find ourselves feeling our hearts lifted in oneness with our world. The opportunity here is to surrender our worries and enjoy the simple connectedness of life, whether in celebration or solitude. The New Moon also opposes Pluto, which is likely to intensify whatever is going on. This adds a bodily feeling and raw presence that keeps the Neptune energy from becoming too flighty.

Venus also trines Mars, which has recently turned direct in Scorpio, giving us the chance to unite our passions, be they playful, sexual, artistic or nationalistic. We may be feeling a renewed sense of freedom and drive now that the Mars retrograde work of purifying desires is complete. We can have a lot of fun with this energy, so long as we're being safe about it.

The Saturn/Neptune square is still strongly active, cautioning against blockading ourselves from people, beliefs, ideas and ideologies that disturb us. We may see some examples of nationalistic pride promoting the delusion of "us versus them." But this isn't the time to dive into a losing battle. If confronted, the advice is to redirect attention to a higher value. A relative in your face about religious extremism? Change the subject — doesn't your granddaughter look lovely in that 4th of July dress!

The overall tenor of this New Moon encourages relaxing into your immediate environment, allowing yourself to trust and enjoy the people around you. We are never more joyful than when we're connected to our inherent oneness. Despite the dramas and traumas of this world, we are, after all, a singular consciousness refracted into a billion prismatic hues of stellar light.

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6 Responses to Cancer New Moon 2016 – Feeling Together

  1. Wencke Braathen says:

    I’m so glad the astrology is telling us that this country is indeed evolving into a new more advanced consciousness more in line with the intentions of democracy. All the protests to the contrary are losing their meaning as they’re crawling their way out of the mud to be examined. It’s as if the nations unconscious has come out in therapeutic screams and we can now clear, clean and heal. This is good, however creepy it has seemed. Thanks for showing us that it is all part of a path towards a more wholesome approach to government and society.

    • Aries says:

      My reading of the USA’s chart is that, when it is appropriately humbled and recognizes the specialness in ALL nations/peoples, it can really stand as an example and leader of peace through creative innovation — artistic, technological and sociological. It’s clearing all that junk under the surface that takes time and effort. “Therapeutic screams,” yes! Let’s hope there’s enough consciousness to work through it all without too much destruction.

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