About Soulrise Astrology

My name is Brian, I'm the author of the blog and founder of Soulrise Astrology. I've been practicing astrology since 2012, having started my studies with Guy Spiro in 2007 and continuing with the school of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green. Currently I'm engaged in mentorship with international astrologer and author Alan Oken.

Astrology is a practice that has called to me quite unexpectedly at a time when I had already established a web development business after completing a Bachelor of Arts in music. After years of study and practice, astrology has become my primary vehicle of service work — giving meaning, validation and perspective to people seeking answers to life's complex challenges. The treasures of such a practice continue to reveal themselves by way of the people I meet in readings and the places I go for further study.

Please make yourself at home and feel free to contribute your comments to anything you read. You can also contact me for readings or join one of the monthly astrology salons. I also occasionally hold workshops and teach classes, which are announced on my mailing list. You can subscribe by simply submitting your email address in the Subscribe form at the right.

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