Saturn in Scorpio part 2 — The Other Players

Saturn in Scorpio


In part 1 of this article I described the symbol of Saturn in Scorpio, how the energy will manifest and how to work with it. Now let's look at how the energy of Saturn in Scorpio will be influenced by aspects, or angular relationships, to other planets.

As always with astrology, a planet in a sign is never in a vacuum. It will always be influencing and influenced by the other planets. The upcoming transit of Saturn through Scorpio will be enhanced and empowered by linkages to some other powerful players.

Most importantly and potently, when Saturn enters Scorpio it will be at "sextile" aspect (60 degrees apart on the Zodiac) with the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto. This in itself is an ominous or auspicious omen, depending on your orientation, but what makes it more so is the fact that Pluto is in the sign that is ruled by Saturn: Capricorn. Two of the heaviest heavyweights of the astrological system will be sharing rulership of each other's signs, surely this must mean something big is afoot.

We will have the chance to bring some of our dreams into form, to make some good headway towards grounding our soul-creations. If you've ever had a dream or vision that told you you're here on this planet to fulfill a particular purpose, this will be a great time to get things underway.

"Mutual reception" is the term given when two planets are in the sign of each other's rulership and at a major harmonious aspect to each other. Due to relative speeds and retrogradations, Saturn and Pluto will be in mutual reception all the way up to December 2013. The implications of this transit have to do with the depth of power we have access to and the integrity we employ when acquiring it. Trying to grab power using covert manipulation or out of fear will likely result in those efforts falling apart, while focusing attention on a deliberate process of claiming power that is appropriately earned will result in strong rewards. It is possible that the prevailing governmental and economic plutocracies will experience a surge in power but it is just as likely that grave abuses of power will continue to be exposed. This will be a time ripe for shocking revelations from sources like Wikileaks and anonymous hacker groups as well as brazen violations of power by entrenched government and law enforcement agencies. On a side note, Uranus in Aries tells us any such violations will be met with swift blowback.

Another important aspect taking place as Saturn enters Scorpio is its "trine" aspect (120 degrees) with Neptune in Pisces. This is another major harmonious aspect, and while it is not mutual reception, it is taking place with Neptune in its home sign. The message here is that we have the chance to bring some of our dreams into form, to make some good headway towards grounding our soul-creations. If you've ever had a dream or vision that told you you're here on this planet to fulfill a particular purpose, Saturn-trine-Neptune is a great time to get things underway. Remember to pay attention to synchronicity and do not rush anything that is not given a clear green light.

This will also be a good time to practice greater discernment regarding drug use, sexual activity, and anything that we utilize for habitual distraction. We can find ourselves bounced hard by the consequences of being too careless with our energies. Over permissiveness can lead to infections of various kinds, be they physical, emotional or psychic. Practice discernment by finding depth in what is already present for you. For example, go deeper emotionally and sexually with the partner you are with rather than seek out new partners to scratch your emotional itches. Find the high in creativity and service instead of chemicals.

With this harmonized triumvirate (Saturn, Pluto, Neptune) opening portals to the manifestations of our higher destinies, we will want to be humble in our deference to the callings that Spirit is driving us towards. On a personal level, you will likely be tasked to let go of something, be it a person, thing or habit, in order to evolve to a new level. Let go of what needs to go, follow your heart, do your work but don't force any drastic changes, let your inner stirrings and visions guide you.

Working together, these planets will show you the way to increasing power while letting go of dependencies that do not serve you. Stay grounded and you will find that within yourself already lies the power to create your dream.

If you would like to know how Saturn in Scorpio will affect you personally, please contact me for a personal astrology reading.

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2 Responses to Saturn in Scorpio part 2 — The Other Players

  1. Angela Appleby says:

    Hey Brian, thanks for all of the interesting info!
    I will try to make it to the next group and bring
    my chart with me. I’m very interested how Saturn
    being In Scorpio will affect me in the next couple years.

    • Aries says:

      Hi Angela, I’m so glad you liked the article. Saturn in Scorpio will be the topic for this month’s salon (Oct. 18th). Hope to see you there!


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