Healing After the Boston Event

Healing the World

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Astrologers have been talking for a while about the explosive nature of Pluto squaring Uranus. This aspect is currently intensified as Pluto, the planet of destruction, very recently turned retrograde in Capricorn, the sign of infrastructure. It is thus applying into square aspect (tension, crossed purposes) with Uranus, planet of sudden change, in Aries, the sign of cardinal fire. Put these symbols together and you have a volatile soup of energy waiting to explode.

But why today? Mars stands at one degree after the Sun at 25 degrees Aries. Given the planets involved — Mars (fire, aggression), the Sun (free will), Uranus (sudden change and revolution) and Pluto (destruction), it's not surprising to see a tragedy such as this. Saturn in Scorpio at a precise inconjunct to Uranus shows us that this event is directly tied to the collective soul work of humanity.

But why should this happen at all?

Like any major violent event, we can look at the Boston tragedy as victims or we can own up to our responsibility and take this as a wake up call to look at what's wrong with our society, our culture and ourselves. The prime message is this: Separation does not work! Thus the worst thing we can do is blame others, cast villains and seek revenge. Repeatedly throughout history we have seen that trying to eliminate violence with violence does not work. We must fiercely stand for the natural laws of compassion, community and harmony with nature if we are to heal the wounds and prevent such tragedies in the future.

Turning a blind eye to the pain of the human condition just creates more of the same. America, as a prime case example, is no longer exempt from the violence and pain of the world. It can no longer pretend exceptionalism and deny its part in humanity’s woes. The enemy is no longer "out there," and truly it never was. Our only enemies are our own denial and blame. Our only allies are each other.

Every one of us must face what we carry within our souls, look with courage at the pain, the sorrow, the rage that boils within all of us. As soon as we push it away and say, nope, doesn’t apply to me, that is when we invite its wrath. Only by walking with eyes wide open into the dark of our own souls can we transform our world into a haven of safety, harmony, and ultimately — liberty.

We will not do it by angrily shaking our fists at the bad guys. We will not do it by exacting revenge or punishing those we choose to call evil. Healing requires the most courageous path possible — opening our arms, our minds, our hearts to every person and every experience. We must apply ourselves to the process of unification, of addressing the grievances of the world openly. We must love each other, we must love ourselves, we must work together towards living a higher way.

Violent reaction is the coward’s way. It is the fool’s misbelief that erecting walls keeps out the bad. But for each wall a hole is made for the enemy to find another way in. No wall can have lasting integrity, and the inexorable law of unification will persist until we have no choice but to face our fears.

The truly courageous warrior lives by principles of love, awareness and faith. So let us mend this tragedy by joining our hearts with those who are most feeling the pain of it. Let us transform the pain by allowing it to lead us to a greater, fiercer, more expansive compassion. Let us tap the deep well of love that eagerly waits within all of us to bring forth the healing that is so greatly needed at this time. Only by embracing our world, and everything in it, can we do this.

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10 Responses to Healing After the Boston Event

  1. Oracle says:

    Finally someone is making sense. Thank you so much for being someone who actually believes in the possibility of world peace.

    • Aries says:

      World peace starts with the dream, manifests through the desire, and arrives with right action and right timing. I believe the trend towards peace is inexorable, as unstoppable as the rising sun. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Pranawave says:

    Yes! Thank you for both taking the high road on this and for reminding us all that darkness dwells within us all. There is no rational reason to divide and conquer. Separation is the root of all suffering.

    • Aries says:

      I agree, Pranawave. I would also add that unification requires fierceness, not to break apart but to keep the energy clean. It’s a fine line, a narrow path, but then focus brings higher, more intentional form. Thanks for commenting!

  3. sharyl noday says:

    Beautifully said and beautifully written. Right on the mark, like no other. Embracing our sameness, rather than constantly focused on the differences will not only mend, but indeed create heaven on earth…. humanity’s goal.

    • Aries says:

      I agree, Sharyl, and despite the discouragement of this event I do believe humanity is ultimately gracious and that we are headed to a much brighter future, even if it takes some work.

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