The Comeback of Ukraine

Chart for Ukraine in 2024

Chart for Ukraine (inner), with 2024 Aries Ingress (outer)

Almost a year ago, I mentioned in an article the significance of Jupiter-Uranus alignments to the history of Ukraine. In short, within the time since Ukraine declared its independence from Russia in 1991 it has undergone two political revolutions: The so-called Orange Revolution (2004) and the Revolution of Dignity (2014). Both revolutions were a success from the standpoint of Ukraine's sovereign independence and popular will, and both revolutions occurred during strong Jupiter-Uranus alignments.

As I've said before, it can be difficult to resist the temptation to predict the future when you study and practice astrology on a daily basis. I try to avoid doing much of it publicly because an astrologer's unconscious bias is always a mitigating factor. Yet, I have been saying since the war in Ukraine started in 2022 that come the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of 2024, which is happening now, we could see a major shift in the war in favor of Ukraine.

Sure enough: The speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives has finally brought the Ukraine military aid bill to the floor, and it passed. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, at exact alignment during the passing of the bill, makes a square to Ukraine's Aquarius Moon, signifying a major reversal of (mis)fortune.

For context, the war took a turn for the worse for Ukraine once Saturn entered Pisces and made an opposition to Ukraine's Sun in early 2023. Indeed, the 2023 Aries Ingress chart for Ukraine suggested the entire year would be bad for them, given the Saturn opposition and Neptune opposing Ukraine's Mars (dissolution of military strength). By contrast, 2024 shows massive international support helping Ukraine maintain its independence and a return of its military strength. Not only do we have the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction mentioned above, but the 2024 Ingress chart shows both planets trine Ukraine's Uranus and Ascendant, meaning that Jupiter and Uranus represent a theme for the entire year. Like the Orange Revolution and Revolution of Dignity that came before, the theme is of successful political revolution in favor of their sovereign independence.

Looking ahead, amongst the astonishing astrological alignments of 2025 is a conjunction of Saturn with Neptune at 0º Aries, the first degree of the Zodiac. As I've also previously written, the Saturn-Neptune cycle is intimately connected to Russia's political history, and its conjunctions correlate with major endings and beginnings in Russia's political leadership. Saturn and Neptune were conjunct for the Bolshevik Revolution, the death of Stalin, and at the fall of the Soviet Union, which began Putin's rise. For 2025, it is easily conceivable that the regime of Putin will finally end.

As an astrologer, I am optimistic. The total solar eclipse of April 8th represented, to me, a major turning point. Following it comes: Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, Jupiter-Pluto trine, Uranus-Pluto trine, Saturn-Neptune conjunction, Saturn-Uranus sextile. Each of these alignments on their own would give cause for hope, but to see all of them occurring within a year is about as hopeful of a message from the heavens as any of us could ask for.

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  1. Monnina says:

    Thanks for this. I was taken by the fact that back in 2022 Putin invaded the Ukraine on the day that the north node was in exact conjunction with the fixed star Algol. In past years when the military still consulted astrologers before military actions this would have indicated an assured failure and shocking defeat for those initiating any conflict. I have accordingly been perplexed by the seeming ongoing success of Putin’s forces in Ukraine this year. Jupiter conjoins Algol next month and then Uranus conjoins Algol three times from July into the end of April next year. The last time Uranus conjoined Algol occurred back in 1941. My late stepfather as a bomb disposal expert and fire warden in the City of London during that time. His life before and after this experience was shockingly different in every area. I expect, and hope, amongst other things, to see a violent fall from power of Putin and his political puppets in the US and the UK during this time.

    • Thanks Monnina, that’s a fascinating take. I have not taken the fixed stars into consideration (to your point, they’re pretty important to imperial conquests) but perhaps will look at them in relation to Israel/Gaza.

      What astonished me at the start of the war was the position of Saturn. It was conjunct Ukraine’s Aquarius Moon, which is pretty clear. But it was also conjunct Putin’s North Node and his progressed Mars — meaning, he was in a Progressed Mars to NN conjunction — as well as opposed to his Pluto/South Node. I read this as a final desperate aggressive act to try and satisfy his destiny, with the reality that he never can do it, he will always be hungry.

      But that Saturn transit conjuncting his progressed Mars to NN shows to me a final defeat, and had me nodding when I heard the rumors about him having a terminal blood condition. Even if it is not true in physical fact, it is almost certainly true symbolically.

      • Monnina says:

        Thanks. Your take on Putin’s weakening was recently flagged by his minister Lebdevev’s raging anti American outburst on hearing that the House of Representatives had approved a Bill to give more financial aid to the Ukraine. Putin is increasingly losing this war and they know it.

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