What to Expect

“Let us part company with the fatalistic astrologer who prides himself on his predictions...Let us instead make a much-needed change in the word and call Astrology the science of tendencies.”
- Alan Leo, British astrologer, 1860-1917

Coming to an astrology reading, especially for the first time, can stimulate a variety of expectations. It’s common to think of astrology as fortune telling, to receive specific information about the future, or as a comfort to one's own preconceived views on life. But astrology is at its best when it challenges our points of view and helps us do the work that enables our best growth. It is not always comfortable but it should always illuminate.

My approach to astrology puts aside deterministic prediction and looks at the varieties of tendencies and potentials that can arise for a client over time. The focus is on meaning rather than specific outcomes. For something meaningful to happen we must interact on the level of imagination, where dream and symbol connect to life's outer circumstances. Thus I do not typically read the chart as something abstract from you. The reading is a conversation, a dialogue, with the chart serving as a map to guide us in more deeply.

At its heart, life is and always will be a mystery. The beauty of not having it all figured out is that we remain open to change, uncertainty and wonder. Predicting the future does a disservice because it closes us off to greater possibilities. If we believe we know what's going to happen we will either be gravely disappointed or convinced that we are right. Either way, we have accomplished nothing.

Please come to your reading ready to ask questions that seek to explore rather than definitively answer. Bring curiosity, openness to new points of view, and willingness to suspend even your most deeply held beliefs. It is never my intention to know your fate or your character. My greatest hope is to help illuminate you to yourself by inspiring new ideas for dreaming your life.

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