2012 Astrology, Part 2 – The December Full Moon

Full Moon Meditation

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For more on the astrology of the Solstice, please read the first part of this article.

The Full Moon is exact at 4:22am CST on Friday December 28th. This is the first Full Moon after the 2012 Solstice, and offers another significant energy pattern to clue us in to the future as we move into 2013. In fact, the Full Moon chart is a snapshot of issues we will be dealing with well into the future — through the next six months, year, 19 years, possibly even the next 2,160 years, the length of the Aquarian Age, considering the proximity to the 2012 Solstice.

Given that this Full Moon also opposes Pluto on the zodiac, the primary message is that our transformative work is being highlighted on yet another plane, the emotional body of the ego. This is yet another remarkable aspect in a long line of such aspects that have taken place since the 2012 Solstice. Let's take a look at them, how they may be expressed and how we can derive power from their symbolism.

The tests may be difficult but the rewards for doing the work are exalting. This is the ultimate karmic clearing, our chance to resolve lifetimes of problems once and for all.

Each aspect represents potentials for positive and negative expression. Positive expression is achieved when we are focused on actualizing our life lessons, stepping up to the work Spirit is driving us towards, and remembering to dance along the way. Negative expression occurs when we resist the work and try to get away with avoiding it, denying it, blaming others for our problems or wallowing in our own darkness. The energy, and thus potentials for manifestation, of the aspects listed below will be with us for a long time to come, giving us time to develop the positive expressions through the processes of acquiring the power they represent.

Yod pattern of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto with Sun
Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto/Sun Yod

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  • Positively expressed: Taking the opportunities offered to step up as a teacher of your wisdom based in what you've learned from your deep soul healing work.
  • Negatively expressed: Secluding yourself in your own darkness, refusing to change and demanding that God do the work for you, or looking for gurus to save you.
  • Acquiring the Power: Learn to see your life challenges as fertilizer for your teachings. When your wisdom is desired, share it, even if you feel shaky with it. Have faith that your life challenges are elevating you to new levels of personal growth and happiness.
Opposition between Jupiter in Gemini and Venus (and Mercury, on the Solstice) in Sagittarius
Jupiter Opposition to Venus

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  • Positively expressed: You express your truth as you learn from your life experience. You're able to feel your intuition as strongly as you are able to communicate your mind. Your relationships are enhanced by demonstrating faith in your truth.
  • Negatively expressed: Feeling frustration as your words cannot accurately express the truth you feel as you have a sense that the truth you're trying to express is too elusive. Feeling disconnected from others because you can't communicate your feelings clearly.
  • Acquiring the Power: Learn to steady and quiet your mind so you can clearly hear the quiet truth within. Exercise your mind by reading and study, then take time to meditate or sit with Nature to allow the information to integrate and distill into truth you can carry forward with you. Allow your belief systems to be altered by the information coming in.
Grand water trine between Saturn, Moon, and Neptune/Chiron
Grand Water Trine

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  • Positively expressed: Openly receiving the gifts Spirit delivers to you, gifts that are commensurate with the work you've done and are doing. Celebrating life as a whole.
  • Negatively expressed: Feeling lazy and apathetic, taking for granted any bestowed gifts and squandering the down time.
  • Acquiring the Power: Meditate on feeling the love and support Spirit has for you, and take in any rewards that manifest as a result of your past work. This will build strength within you to handle the challenges that arise out of the T-square.
T-square focused on Uranus in Aries with Moon and Sun/Pluto
Uranus T-Square

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  • Positively expressed: Stepping up to your calling in service to your community. Using the gifts and wisdom of your transformation work to create new works that reflect your uniqueness. Feeling the exhilaration of developing your soul's true purpose.
  • Negatively expressed: Exploding in anger at others based in illusions of not being respected. Blaming others for your own problems. Rebelling for rebellion's sake.
  • Acquiring the Power: Hold yourself steady in the face of difficult emotions. Know that if you do not identify with anger it will shift into power. Take a detached view of your experience and don't take anything personally. Laugh at absurdity. Direct your uniqueness towards service and follow your calling.
Mutual reception of Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries
Mars/Uranus Mutual Reception

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  • Positively expressed: Honoring the uniqueness of others as you do your own. Reveling in relationships that are based in true freedom of self and other.
  • Negatively expressed: Overly asserting yourself in a quirky, rebellious manner without regard to the needs of those around you. Pushing others away because they "just don't understand."
  • Acquiring the Power: Be yourself in your relationships and give respectful deference to others who do the same. Be open to joining forces with those of like spirit, but do not identify with any tribe or sect. Remain yourself with the courage to speak out even if it might alienate those who would call themselves your friends. After all, your true friends will be the ones who stick with you because of your differences, not despite them.
Full Moon in Cancer opposing Sun/Pluto in Capricorn
Moon Opposition to Sun and Pluto

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  • Positively expressed: Your emotions are balanced and you are standing strong in your own self-determination. You are taking care of your deep transformative healing and personal growth work without complaint or worry.
  • Negatively expressed: The world seems to be collapsing from under you and you feel paralyzed with fear or depression.
  • Acquiring the Power: Remain disciplined in your focus on taking care of whatever enters your reality. Be still with your pain. Do not judge yourself or others, but develop self-love and take responsibility for your choices. If you need help, ask.

Put these powerful pieces of the overall puzzle together and you get a warrior's challenge in balancing personal energies as they transform in the crucible of personal growth while remaining open to the gifts we've earned. We are going through the most intense time of accelerating change in memorable history. The tests may be difficult but the rewards for doing the work are exalting. Be sure to take what time you can to relax, center yourself, and stand strong in the knowing that this is the perfect time to take care of all the issues presented to you, because once they are worked through they will never have to crop up again. This is the ultimate karmic clearing, our chance to resolve lifetimes of problems once and for all.

Good luck, godspeed, and hey, let us know in the comments box below how you're doing.

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  1. Carly says:


    This is AWESOME!! Very helpful & Nice layout

    p.s. picked up the January Aspectarian today & at a quick glance was unable to locate the Daily Weather Report…

    Thank you,

    : )

    • Aries says:

      You’re very welcome, glad you liked the article Carly. Always appreciate the feedback. Yeah, the world needs its astro-weather! Let’s talk.


  2. Julia says:

    Very thorough and interesting. It’s been intense for a while, huh? All this opportunity for growth and learning…
    I’m so glad to know an astrologist who loves the craft this much! Thank you for sharing.

    • Aries says:

      You’re very welcome Julia, I am hopeful that my love for the discipline will be of service to others on their life journeys. I hope you’ll come back often! All the best to you.


    • Aries says:

      Thanks Josh! Please feel free to comment anytime you have any questions or insights of your own. Hope you are well and enjoying your dance with the stars.


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