The Grand Sextile/T-Squares of 2013

Grand Sextile chart, courtesy of A good article on the subject.

Grand Sextile chart, courtesy of A good article on the subject.

There's been a bit of online hubbub regarding the so-called Grand Sextile that occurs on Monday July 29th, lasting from late morning all the way through evening. As you can see from the chart at the left, this configuration creates a shape of what looks like a six pointed star. We could dig deep into the symbolism of this shape appearing this way in the heavens, but it's unlikely that many of us will experience any profound divine realizations, at least no more than what we can experience on any other day.

Much has been written about the Grand Sextile, which I won't go into too much detail here. However, the Grand Sextile is not the entire picture. In fact, the Grand Sextile would mean a lot less without the t-squares, because t-squares carry with them potential for real change, pumping energy into the system to move out old baggage and motivate creation of new solutions to old problems. T-squares deliver the message: "Enough stalling! Get your ass in gear and get your life going!" You will need to fight to succeed or fail trying; or as Yoda said: "Do or do not, there is no try." It's the kind of energy that doesn't let us off the hook until we've worked up the wisdom and strength to manifest our higher purposes. T-squares carry the potential for great power, whereas the Grand Sextile is more of a lazy energy, bringing blessings but on its own ultimately not much victory.

This image shows the chart with the t-squares highlighted (although called t-square, the shape appears as a triangle). The t-square in red is in fixed signs, telling us we may have to fight our way through stubborn people and even subborner reality. The t-square in purple is in cardinal signs, suggesting leaders butting heads on the best course of action to take. Fixed t-squares help us uproot our stagnant patters and plant new, healthier patterns. Cardinal t-squares train us as leaders and warriors, building our strength and confidence. In either case, we must expend energy and effort to create the change we're after. But if we get it right, the result can be exalting.

This astrological configuration will be of more importance to those who are born on this day than those of us already walking around. They will be working this imprint throughout their lives, and how deeply it effects them and their world will be up to them. Even so, they will have to be sufficiently advanced souls to know what to do with it. Some will be born on that day and achieve great things. Some will spend their time alternating between being lazy and getting up to shout at the establishment. As always with any chart containing large numbers of trines and sextiles, the effort one applies to the process determines the degree of impact of the outcome, which is exponential in relation to the energy given.

As for the rest of us living through it, how can we best harness the potential of this energy for ourselves? Though this pattern only lasts an afternoon, we can still use it to create some positive change in our lives. The clues are found not in the Grand Sextile but the t-squares. Always look to the sign opposing the focal point of the t-square — the vertex or "tip" of the triangle — for solutions. In the case of the fixed t-square, we look to Aquarius. For the cardinal t-square the sign is Libra. Both Aquarius and Libra are air signs, suggesting the mind as the best tool for the job.

As always with Aquarius, the suggestion is to stand back and take a detached, objective point of view of whatever's going on — happy, sad, enraging, mind blowing. Don't become subjectively identified with your experience, rather simply observe it and seek out clues as to how you can offer a new perspective in service to those around you. The focal point of the Sun in Leo suggests actualizing creative solutions, so make it fun and play with it. Libra is asking us to open our hearts to our empathy for others. Relate to those around you and come together in equal partnership to generate those creative solutions. Otherwise said, try creatively actualizing empathy, showing through art or song or cooking how much you care about someone. Identify their issues and offer solutions to those rather than get mired in your own.

Working these solution points (Aquarius and Libra, naturally harmonious signs) will help you get the most out of the Grand Sextile. It's true that the Grand Sextile carries unlimited potential for manifesting a joyful experience, but that potential will only match the effort you put into the t-squares. Join hands with those around you and bask in the joy of creatively working the energy for mutual benefit. Spirit and Earth will respond with bounty and tranquility.

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  1. Treesha says:

    Thanks Brian! This is super helpful and clear about the energies for today and how to utilize them :)lots of general info online but your info takes it to the next level of understanding. In gratitude for u and your gift!

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