The Chiron Bridge, Part 2 – Wounding as Healing

Achilles and the Centaur Chiron by Pompeo Batoni

Achilles and Chiron, by Pompeo Batoni

A year ago I released part one of this series of articles on Chiron. If you're new to Chiron I recommend reading (or re-reading) that article for some of the basic astronomical and astrological background on this currently highly relevant archetype.

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When we are unconscious of the effects of our psychological wounds we tend to either identify with them as a victim or vigorously deny them. In either case we are resisting their resolution. Who in their adult years wants to look again at the pain of trauma suffered decades prior? Yet our wounds do not simply go away nor can they be let go of on a whim. The kinds of wounds represented by Chiron are not healable by taking a pill, reading a self help book, finding that special lover or having something cut out with surgery. These things may help, or even be necessary for our survival, but they will not "cure" us. We cannot simply apply a salve to soothe that centaur beast within. We must look it in the eyes, dare to mount its back and ride it as it teaches us, like Chiron carrying Achilles, gaining wisdom, strength and healing power. By consciously engaging our wounds, the debaucherous, sabotaging centaur becomes wise and gentle and we begin our journey towards wholeness.

The astrological glyph for Chiron looks like a key: chironmed. This gives us some insight into the archetype of the wounded healer. But a key to what? Looking at Chiron's placement between Saturn and Uranus, we can understand that Chiron represents the key to unlocking the door to our inner liberation. When we look at our wounds with sincerity and listen to what they have to tell us we allow them to catalyze our growth towards greater self realization. Perhaps ironically, it is our wounding that saves us, awakening us to our full powers as a soul on Earth.

The healing Chiron represents has little to do with "fixing" the body. It is the kind of healing that brings us into a state of fully embracing our life experience, whatever it happens to be. It is about igniting our passion for who we are and what we're here to do. This occurs through a process of reintegration of the wounded aspects of our consciousness. When we experience trauma we tend to fracture, separating the part of us that has been wounded. In psychology this is termed disassociation; in shamanic terms it's known as soul loss. What is happening here is a blocking of a piece of ourselves, erecting a wall to protect a part of who we are that is in pain. This is typically a defense mechanism — we can't afford to be bogged down by our pain if we need to be alert to keep ourselves alive. But when that wall gets fortified and stuck, such that no matter what our situation we remain fragmented, then our vital energies leak out and we are unable to be fully awake and present to our lives. We become depressed, listless and angry. This is the effect of post traumatic stress syndrome, a condition most people are living under, even if they are unaware of it.

But when those lost parts of our soul are rediscovered, nurtured and revitalized, we awaken not only to the joy of our full vitality, we actually understand the reasons for the trauma in the first place. We are able to automatically release ourselves from our past because we can finally make sense of it, put even our worst traumas into proper perspective, and move forward into a brighter future. But to get there we must undergo a powerful Chiron-led initiation.

Chiron's healing path is a fierce one. It requires that we look into the dark of our deeper subconscious and meet with total humility the broken off parts of our psyche. The planet Uranus represents the subconscious memories that can emerge when diving into this work. For example, memories of sexual abuse can remain hidden for decades, until a major Uranus transit sets off a process of remembering. This can appear as a difficult process at first, but it is an opportunity to begin the Chiron work of healing the effects of that abuse, an opportunity that only comes when we are ready for the journey inward. We then have a choice: we can rise to spiritual warriorship in healing, putting down the alcohol, the marijuana, the television, the relationship control — whatever vices of the debaucherous side of Chiron we use to medicate ourselves from our wounds (vices are typically indicated by Neptune) — or we can choose to ignore the calling, giving more of ourselves to our vices and feeding our fears of the past. While the path to inner reintegration is not an easy one, with patience, self love and commitment we can do the work and find it wasn't nearly as scary as our fears want us to believe.

When the lost parts of our soul are rediscovered, nurtured and revitalized, we awaken not only to the joy of our full vitality, we actually understand the reasons for the trauma in the first place. We are able to release ourselves from our past and move forward into a brighter future.

Whatever our traumas, the way to healing them requires opening ourselves to feeling the pain that we've walled ourselves off from. This can bring up feelings of terror as we step into those murky waters, but if we hold ourselves strong and allow the energies to discharge — such as through crying, intense meditation, prayer, or sacred lovemaking — then we discover that the pain we've feared for so long guides us to an expanded awareness of ourselves that finally releases us from the pain of the past. Not only that, we gain a stronger and wiser heart, and the power of our life force increases. And then comes the next bit of Chiron work, and the next, and so on.

The work of healing our Chiron wounds can last a lifetime. But there are astrological markers when we can make significant healing strides, and when we can finally step forward as healers for others, wizened and strengthened by taking the journey through our own wounds. The process does get easier, and the more healing work we do the more we strive to continue our healing with gusto. This frees us from our prior state of victimization and awakens us to a whole new level of personal empowerment. This becomes the Chiron Bridge, from Saturn's conformity to society's ideas of who we should be to the liberation of Uranus's inner awakening to who we actually are. Our wounds then no longer define us — they propel us forward, guiding us like Chiron's arrow straight to the transcendence of all prior limitation.

In the next and final article, we will look at specific Chiron strategies for healing, the significance of the Chiron Return and some of the more esoteric meanings of this strange and mystical planet.

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14 Responses to The Chiron Bridge, Part 2 – Wounding as Healing

  1. despoina says:

    ….you said “part of the key ”

    What about the hole. key!!
    I would like to see it with you more deep.
    can we arrange. a communication?!

    perhaps via email

    I need your wisdom in this area.

    if you want i can semd you details .

    i want. to be heald tottaly and free my soul

    wait for your news

    • Aries says:

      Ah yes, well, the keyhole would be the wound itself. Chiron is the key that fits the wound, unlocking its potential to awaken the soul. The “(w)hole key” would be the union of healer and wounded. Good question.

      I’ll reach out separately via email. Thanks.

  2. despoina says:

    wonderful article .

    So wise! and deep.and true.

    my chiron is in aries in 11 house
    and there is my north node, too

    I can mot find your next articls about chiron.
    can you inform me?

    • Aries says:

      Thanks for the compliment! Unfortunately I dropped the ball on this, I need to finish and publish the last article. As for Chiron in Aries in the 11th (I have that too), that’s reflecting a struggle to find the social groups that help the soul feel and express its freedom. There’s a need to be accepted just as you are, but a core insecurity can create tendencies towards altering yourself to fit the groups you come into contact with, which encourages feeling more trapped rather than free. Part of the key is to see that your community isn’t something defined externally, it’s the group of souls already orbiting your life. That includes the non-corporeal beings that assist and guide from beyond the veil. There’s a latent healer in you that can serve on a group level. The freer you are, the better healer you become.

      • despoina says:

        Thank you my friend

        you are magic!!

        You are a magnificent healer!

        thank you

        and in a deep level wi choose. to live this to transform the energy?!
        I mean the point is to be and live free!!!!


        I am in greece

        I will buy your book
        because. you are deep.

        Inform me please

  3. Julia says:

    Wow x100. I need to read this now and again and I appreciate this and will share it with others. Thank you for being yourself writing this out. I look forward to the next Chiron piece. Peace!

    • Aries says:

      Glad you liked it Julia and thanks for sharing. Being of the Chiron in Gemini generation, you’re here to assist in the healing of communication and keeping those thoughts high. Creating new value for the mind, healing its varied expressions.

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