Scorpio Full Moon 2014 – Light Inside the Dark

Fallen Angel

Artist Unknown

An angel stands before the veil of time, preparing to leap into physical form. Surrounding the angel are a host of others, many of them having taken the journey many times and well aware of the challenges of being human. As the angel hesitates in a sudden clenching of anxious doubt, the other angels take her hand and remind her once again that even though she may at times feel utterly alone, the angel will never, can never, truly be separated from home. The angel feels the fear of the imminent descent simultaneously with the love of her angelic family. Bolstered by the courage in knowing she will always be held, no matter what darkness she has to face on Earth, the angel closes her eyes and leaps.

The sensation of wind envelopes her as she descends, as if another reminder that she is always held, even when in free fall. She opens her eyes — below her stretches the vast surface of the Earth, emerging closer and closer towards her, a view as awe-inspiring as it is fear-inducing. The angel's mind races with the possibilities that can shape a human life, both wonderful and terrible. As the angel hurtles towards her human destiny, the mix of feeling exhilaration and terror is almost too intense for her to bear, and she almost cries out to be returned home when suddenly all goes dark.

A brief moment of total, silent, peaceful emptiness, where all memory is erased — followed just as suddenly by the startled in-breath of a newborn baby, starting her new life in the arms of a lovestruck mother and father, still in the loving sight of the angelic host that holds her.

The Scorpio Full Moon (May 14th, 2:16PM CT) reminds us that if we want to experience the light of home, we must descend to the depths of darkness. When we are living unconsciously, we fear the dark — uncertainty, power, death — and we build up resistances to it. As we gain consciousness by embracing our life's conditions, we realize that the dark was always a place of peace and transition, just as loving as the light. Scorpio wants us to free ourselves of fear and illusions of scarcity so that we can eliminate attachment and craving. Sometimes this means taking away what we desire most, putting the spotlight on what we think gives our life ultimate meaning in order to enforce our discovery of ultimate meaning as pure being itself. From there we emerge refreshed, cleansed and ready to reembark on the next evolutionary phase of our soul's fruition.

The Scorpio Full Moon is also a check-in to see how well we balance going to extremes (needing intensity to feel alive or proving ourselves courageous, unafraid of death) with our ability to simply relax into the environment around us. If we are seeking too much intensity and change, or holding on too much to our surroundings in fear of change, then we will be seeing that imbalance in the days to come.

Added to this Full Moon is the Moon's conjunction with Saturn, which has been walking us through some pretty intense work these past couple of years. If Saturn in Scorpio had a road sign it might read: If you can make it here, baby, you can make it anywhere. The Full Moon's conjunction here is like a review of the past couple years, dredging up any uncleared emotional material that may still be holding us back. As always with Scorpio, we're being invited to go deep inside for healing, but we need to be sure we have a stable grounding that will hold us safe as we make our journey. More than anything else, that grounding is defined by trust. Trust in Spirit, in Life, in ourselves. Like the promise made to the angel above, we are always held and guided, and our suffering is only created when we resist.

The angel is, of course, us. She is the nature of consciousness when it is fully connected to its source while on the cusp of descending into unconsciousness, which is the journey we take in order to return home with greater consciousness than we began with. We are all on that journey, each of us a version of the same universal consciousness learning to experience itself in an entirely new way. We cannot learn to become something new if we have all the answers. We must become blind so we can find out what it's like to trip, fall and pick ourselves up again. The Moon in Scorpio, holding hands with her intimate partner and polar opposite, Saturn, encapsulates the message that while we are here in physical form to do work, it is the kind of work that rewards us with inner stability and durability, free flowing wellbeing and optimism in the face of any adversity. Now that's power.

Moreover, at this time the Moon and Saturn are part of a Grand Water Trine that includes Jupiter and Chiron, telling us that the gods are closer than ever, able to grant what we need to find peace, if we are willing to ask, listen and trust. We may find peaceful moments even in the midst of chaotic circumstances. Part of the lesson of all of these planets together is to realize that peace is not an outer circumstance but an inner vibration. Nothing external to you can give you lasting peace, but your own awareness of the universal life that flows within you can, and to some lesser or greater degree always does. Embedded in this planetary signature is the secret promise that God grants us all — our eventual arrival at the palace of inner peace, what Jesus metaphorically called "the kingdom of Heaven," is absolutely assured.

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4 Responses to Scorpio Full Moon 2014 – Light Inside the Dark

  1. Kate Duva says:

    Best opening story ever! THANK YOU. This is just what I needed: “We cannot learn to become something new if we have all the answers. We must become blind so we can find out what it’s like to trip, fall and pick ourselves up again.”

    • Aries says:

      You’re welcome Kate! Falling from and returning to grace is quite the learning experience. With regard to the Scorpio/Taurus polarity, the Scorpio side sends us to be crushed in the depths, while the Taurus side steadies us with the stability we earn through the return. Interesting how the wheels turn. Thanks for posting!

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