Uranus-Pluto and Social Crises

Sagittarius by "Steel Eyes".

Sagittarius by "Steel Eyes".

Joy is the name of the strong spring
In eternal nature.
Joy, joy drives the wheels
In the great clock of worlds.
She lures flowers from the buds,
Suns out of the firmament,
She rolls spheres in the spaces
That the seer's telescope does not know.
Happy, as his suns fly
Through the heaven's magnificent plain
Run, brothers, your track
Joyfully, as a hero to victory.

- From Ode to Joy by Friedrich Schiller

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The planets urge faith under extreme challenge. Know your right to be free, to be you, a child of God. Outer chains catalyze higher self.

EDIT: I should have consulted my ephemeris with respect to Uranus's trine to Pluto. I was off by a decade. Corrected below.

Eric Garner, Michael Brown, race relations, power struggles — welcome to the near-exact square between Pluto and Uranus. The crises represented by this square reflect the issues that were up when these planets were conjunct in 1968. We are reaching the climax of this multi-year aspect, which will culminate in March of 2015. Once the square clears up by the end of the year, we will have about 20 10 years to do the work of cleaning up our collective act. To the degree we've done so, we will receive collective benefits when Uranus trines Pluto in the mid 2030s 2020s (including rises in social justice, communication technology, alternative energy sources, possibly breakthroughs in nuclear fusion).

For now, as Saturn makes his final passages through Scorpio, we are each still being tested in our resolve and commitments to life. We may be experiencing various degrees of loss relative to the issues we need to let go of, including attachments to escapism, relationships, drama and guilt. We must take responsibility for what we have, rather than take advantage.

I'm repeating the use of the above image because Sagittarius is our medicine at this time. The Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius ask us to have faith in ourselves and each other as we go through the darkness. To find and assert joy no matter what is going on around us. By linking together in faith, having courage to help others as we ask for help for ourselves, we can see through the difficult times and rise up stronger as a collective. The trines of Sagittarius to Uranus in Aries remind us that we can never lose our inner freedom, no matter how chained down we are on the outside. Turn your outer chains of bondage to inner chains of bonding by uniting with your family, friends and community. Uranus in Aries (conjunct South Node) tells us that we can only rise into our own unique power and ideals of freedom by giving ourselves to the collective effort. Find your allies by willingly offering yourself as one. Godspeed.

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