Cancer New Moon 2015 – New (Emotional) Horizons

Planet Pluto

New Horizons photo of Pluto, color enhanced

It's quite remarkable that we begin receiving detailed images of Pluto via the New Horizons space probe just as the Moon culminates a conjunction with the Sun in Cancer while Mars/Mercury, also in Cancer, stand at opposition to Pluto itself. Here we are at a time of great focus on the Moon's home sign while Pluto stands in the opposite sign, Capricorn — the ruler of which, Saturn, is moving retrograde through Pluto's home sign of Scorpio — having received at opposition each planet in turn (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury). This is an unusually great deal of activity with Pluto astrologically just as we approach Pluto astrophysically.

Opposition brings manifestation. Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes the deep restructuring of our lives and society, but also symbolizes the concretization of our understanding of the planetoid itself. The manifestations we are experiencing in our personal lives may be challenging us to let go of emotional and mental patterns that separate us from responsibility and/or keep us inappropriately dependent on other people or things, causing us to feel pushed, or even shoved, in the direction of our fate. On a collective level, the manifestation of a Pluto fly-by could be seen as a symbol of what humanity can achieve when it is united on a common goal (a very Capricornian theme).

And, true to Capricorn, we are once again learning that we know a lot less than we thought we did. Can you imagine a snowstorm on Pluto?

As we are pondering the practical and esoteric meanings of the success of the New Horizons probe, we must take stock of our feelings within the Cancer New Moon, which is asking us to remember that we are inherently vulnerable beings. Great achievements are wonderful, but they only have meaning in the context of how well we nurture ourselves and each other. Being a great financial success hardly means much if you feel emotionally disconnected and bitter. On the other end of the spectrum, being too emotionally expressive or dependent holds us back from achieving our higher goals. The Cancer New Moon wants us to take an honest walk with our emotional self, to feel into the places that have been neglected, avoided or suppressed. Linked with it's trine to Chiron, we can effect a good deal of emotional healing if we are intentional, humble and courageous.

Mars and Mercury at conjunction opposing Pluto cautions against going too deep too fast. We may find ourselves taken by anger, feeling unappreciated or our needs unheard. But if we can use that anger as focused directness, determined to see and act from the reality we have created for ourselves, we can free ourselves from longstanding emotional blocks.

Meanwhile, Venus and Jupiter stand in Leo at a square to retrograde Saturn in Scorpio. This can bring about tension in relationships relative to how well we receive and appreciate the expressions of others versus how much we demand appreciation of our own. It's a good time to look at how well we listen to others and really see who they are as a child of the same spark of life that messily and ecstatically birthed all of us.

Can we creatively actualize ourselves as we stand in awareness of our vulnerabilities? Are we willing to give ourselves to the immense depth of our nature to do whatever work is required to bring that depth into creative expression? What relationships need to be adjusted, removed or added to our lives to support that depth?

We've all made mistakes and suffered for them emotionally. This New Moon can bring those emotions back up if they remain unresolved. But love is the greatest medicine for a damaged heart. The Moon's north node in Libra reminds us that sympathetic awareness of the needs of others linked with our own is the key to giving/receiving love. We're all in this together and we all need the same things. Beyond food and shelter, we need love, acceptance and to be witnessed for who and what we are. No soul is exempt. Ain't that a beautiful thing?

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