2023 November Update

After weeks of Saturn slowly retrograding back into range of squaring Uranus — an alignment linked with social chaos and a break down of traditional norms — Saturn finally turned direct on November 4th. Then on November 7th, as the Virgo Moon (a symbol of female fertility) came into trine alignment with Jupiter, voters scored another victory for women's reproductive rights in Ohio. The outcome of that election day rekindled hope, even if briefly, that the defeat of an autocratic movement in the United States is possible. The astrological picture supports that hope, yet we are not clear of the woods. Events at home and abroad continue to vex our longings for a more peaceful world.

For example, in correspondence with the long running Eris-North Node conjunction in Aries, the war in Israel continues to rage. That war was sparked by the Oct 7 Hamas attack that occurred just days before a solar eclipse on Israel's Libra Ascendant that was at opposition to that Eris-North Node conjunction.

Astronomically, Eris is a dwarf planet out beyond Pluto. Symbolically, Eris can be summarized with the word discord. She is the mythological sister of Ares, the god of war. In astrology, she symbolizes chaotic destruction sown by a disdain for superficial and petty pretense. When the depths are raging, and we are pretending everything is sunny and fine, Eris comes along and throws a bomb into the mix, showing us the true discord that lies underneath our superficiality.

Planets conjunct the North Node typically have their energies brought into manifestation as a necessary function of bringing about a future state (or destiny). In this case, we cannot keep going along as if the tension in the Middle East can be ignored, or kept forever status quo. Eris and the North Node represent events that force a response, and now we are in the thick of dealing with an intractable humanitarian problem that has been festering for far too long.

As dire as present events are, the astrological picture is not all gloomy. Saturn's movement through Pisces these next two years suggests compassionate leadership on the rise. Uranus's coming entrance into Gemini at trine to Pluto's entrance into Aquarius will help us shake off the "old guard", whatever that may mean to us. That trine also strongly suggests the power of a younger generation coming into its own with new solutions to old problems. The coming Saturn-Neptune conjunction, harmonized with that Uranus-Pluto trine, evokes wise elders sharing the mantle of experience and compassionate wisdom to those younger ones who hold new visions of our unity.

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