December Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

June 2011 Lunar Eclipse

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The Gemini Full Moon occurred today at 8:46AM Central Time. It is also a lunar eclipse, when the Earth temporarily blocks the Moon from the light of the Sun. A Full Moon is usually a time when our emotions (the Moon) are being lit up by the light of our awareness (the Sun). But when there is a Lunar Eclipse, that light is blocked by our center of gravity (the Earth). Instead of a bright moon we have a dark moon, and it is just as true that we block the Sun from the Moon as we block the Moon from the Sun. We are thus being given an opportunity to see even deeper into the darker parts of our emotional bodies and in doing so we are given the chance to connect to the deepest, truest source of our emotional nurturing.

As always with a Gemini Full Moon we are being shown how well we are communicating our emotional needs and expressing our higher spiritual and philosophical truths. If in any area of our lives we are expressing ourselves sloppily or dishonestly then this Full Moon will be exposing that to us. This is a time to receive whatever information is coming to us that is letting us know how well we are communicating who we are.

The South Node in Taurus reminds us that when we remain focused on our path and humble in the face of hard lessons, we are always granted what we need to survive and remain stable. You know you are doing the Scorpio work when you find those moments of comfort within the chaos.

It's also a good day to pray for receiving more love for whatever you may feel is lacking in your life, to receive greater nurturing wherever you feel blocked. The Geminian advice is to approach every situation with an open mind, to receive new solutions to old problems, even if they seem to conflict with what you've always believed. It's a good time to speak your emotions with openness and discernment, to share the love you feel while making your pain heard in honest vulnerability, when appropriate and without blame or judgment. This Gemini Full Moon energy is most potent today and tomorrow, but as always with lunar cycles, the energy will be available for the next two weeks until the following New Moon, and we will continue to work with the lessons in a cycle of a year (the return of the Gemini Full Moon) and a greater cycle of 19 years (the next Gemini Lunar Eclipse). In fact, it's a good idea to look at what was up for you 19 years ago, when the last Gemini Lunar Eclipse occurred, and see how the lessons of that time resonate with the lessons occurring now.

As the North Lunar Node continues to move through Scorpio, it lends even greater depth to the Full Moon energy, connecting us all to our individual and collective soul paths. While the North Node (and Saturn) in Scorpio is a very serious energy that doesn't let us off the hook with regard to our denials, addictions or attachments, its opposing South Node in Taurus reminds us that when we remain focused on our path and humble in the face of hard lessons, we are always granted what we need to survive and remain stable. You know you are doing the Scorpio work when you find those moments of comfort within the chaos.

A related event happening concurrently with the Full Moon is the turning direct (ending retrograde) of Mercury, which went retrograde on Election Day. Now Mercury is stationary, seeming not to move at all in the sky, and will be slowly picking up speed over the next couple of days. We have just had a rather intense three weeks of being shown how well and truthfully we communicate our needs. Are we speaking merely from a place of trying to gain power or from a place of truly honoring the needs of ourselves and others? While Mercury is stationary we get a little bit of a breather, so take the next day or so to relax, meditate and do whatever else that works for you to integrate the lessons of the past three weeks. When Mercury reaches full speed we will again be dealing with these lessons, giving us a final opportunity to communicate and actualize our needs around these lessons truthfully and with the power of compassion. Saturn in Scorpio reminds us that when we do this we gain greater momentum in our personal growth, clearing the karmic cruft that holds us back, and ultimately making us freer and stronger to accomplish our life purposes.

It bears mentioning that Venus in Scorpio is now conjunct Saturn. Time to clear the relationship karma! A conflict can occur of being repulsed while at the same time wanting to go deeper. Be truthful in your relationships but do not try to grab power, either through abuse (verbal, psychic or physical) or through running away. This is a time when our relationships are being transformed, which means we can destroy and be destroyed, or we can work with the process to elevate our relationships to the next level, be it together or apart.

This is the last Full Moon before the advent of Dec. 21, 2012. Make good use of it along with all the Scorpio energies taking us deep into our souls and transforming us to take the next step up the evolutionary ladder. Walk your path with integrity and fully honor that everyone is exactly where they need to be on their own path. There are no mistakes, no accidents, every life experience is an opportunity to grow and evolve. Claim that power of truth for your own and rise into the light of your faith that you can, in full cooperation with Spirit, create the ultimate dream that is behind the dream that is you.

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4 Responses to December Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the insights. I’ve got several close friends working through this sort of intense grappling with themselves, & assessing circumstances via a more deeply grounded/ stronger self. It’s important, largely unpleasant work & difficult to see the potential rewards when your neck-deep in it–which is why encouraging words like these are so helpful & hopeful.
    Anyway, you’re resonating with me loud & clear! Thank you.

    • Aries says:

      You’re very welcome Sarah. One of the gifts of astrology is that it affirms that our life challenges are not problems happening *to* us, rather they are catalysts for further growth. We are moving through one heck of a portal right now, getting the intense life lessons we need to step up to a new evolutionary level. Saturn in Scorpio is our guide to a new us.

  2. Nathan Minnehan says:

    This is so true for me at this moment! I feel like I just got off an awful ferris wheel that I knew I never wanted to get on, and I see where the life lesson of evolving in my romantic relationships has me choosing for the better. This moon is indeed a special one, and I feel like I understand more concretely why after reading this article. Thanks for being so brilliant Brian! And an extra special thanks for all of this wonderful insight. It’s very much an alleviating feeling to know we’re all in this together on all the various levels.

    • Aries says:

      Thanks for the comments Nathan! Seeing the life lessons in all of our challenges empowers us to make stronger choices. Good for you for evolving consciously.

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