The Virgo/Pisces Polarity

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Virgo and the 6th House are the pivot between subjective and objective orientation to life. Moving through Virgo shifts the focus from emotional attachment to one's creative source (it's all about me, the world revolves around my needs) to a detached perspective of one's place and purpose (I am here to serve others, the world is my oyster). Aries thru Leo is exploring the development of the self, evolving the individuating ego, Libra thru Pisces is exploring relation of self to others, the use of power, and how best to manage resources to objectively achieve one's purposes. Aries thru Leo develops compassion for the self, Libra thru Pisces develops the connection to the needs of others. Virgo, the pivot between Leo and Libra, is where we shed the necessary self centeredness that occurs during development of self compassion and self love, so that the journey through the rest of the signs/houses can be grounded in recognizing that the world needs whatever services we are here to offer, and once we are oriented towards our gifts to the world, then the world really opens up to our power and we rise to our higher potentials.

Pisces and the 12th House (what directly opposes Virgo and the 6th House on the zodiac wheel) are the pivot between self actualization and rebirth of new consciousness. Otherwise stated, Pisces and the 12th House correlate to death, not in a Scorpio/8th House way of giving oneself over to the ultimate power of death/rebirth, but in a conscious way of experiencing one's own being as connected to the Universal consciousness of all that is. The ego dissolves but perception remains. This creates awareness of cosmic oneness, but then from that totality of being arises new awareness, the Aries/1st House primal force of individuation and self assertion.

From total consciousness arises that which is unconscious, starting a new evolutionary cycle around the wheel. Pisces to Aries, then, is the pivot between total enlightenment and total un-enlightenment. We start as a spark of awareness full of eagerness to grow, we take our warrior's journey through turbulent evolutionary cycles towards our ultimate individuation (Uranus), finally find oneness with all (Neptune), only to be destroyed (Pluto) to start all over again.

God does have a sense of humor.

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